Friday, 3 October 2008


This is strange... but here I am!

I've been persuaded to start a blog but I'm having a hard time fathoming who will read it?! And why?! Is it narcissistic to have a blog and to tell anyone who'll listen what you're doing?? Rest assured, I've not started this blog because 'the world must know what I'm doing' but I'll give it a bash and maybe it'll come a bit easier!

So (family can skip this bit...), I'm Amanda and I live in Edinburgh although I'm from the US. I have a lovely husband, Steven, and two little monkeys, Jamie and Maia. Here they are:

As you can see, my children are very into their 'technology', taking naked phone calls from Barney and Thomas the Tank Engine respectively. (Steven taking naked phone calls not posted).
About 18 months ago, I started teaching myself to sew, mainly with the help of the lovely people over at Craftster. Curtains and pillows first (I was pregnant at the time with Maia and nesting big time), and when she arrived I started making lotsa, lotsa baby clothes. And then more baby clothes, and then some more. I started off with fleece, then knits (oh how the sewers amongst you will laugh that I started on stretch fabrics!) and then wovens. About 6 months ago I started selling my creations under the name Kitschy Coo at fairs and markets, and on my website An Etsy shop followed, then Folksy, and I'm now in some retail shops too, in the US and the UK.
So that's me! Thanks for finding my blog!


  1. HI, I am a craftster as well, I was wondering...dangerous thing to do.LOL
    If you pretty much taught yourself and now you have a full on business. How did you get over the feelings of "Who would buy my stuff, I'm not professional feeling?I picked out a name for etsy already and reg'd it. I admit tho I am very nervous. I'm going to be doing items that are really what my teens and tween are into.
    Anyway, any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Please email me at I very seldom use the gmail anymore.Thanks a bunch and I loved reading your posts.

  2. Thanks for leaving a comment, it was a BIG hurdle getting over the 'who would buy my stuff?' issue, but an even bigger one was 'who would read my blog?'? I'm very self-conscious about the whole thing :)

    I'm sending you an email separately with some advice from my experiences... thanks again for leaving a comment!