Thursday, 3 December 2009


Velveteen Euro flower dresses

If I've been rather quiet this week, it's because I've been working assembly line in preparation for Saturday's fair. Man, oh man, I hate assembly line sewing. Each day one project, and whatever is not finished gets added to my monstrous Work In Progress pile. Yesterday it was Velveteen Euro flowers dresses, eight were cut but sadly only four completed. But there is at least one of every colour:

The reason why they took an unfeasibly long time?

The facings. Which are undoubtedly lovely, but so time consuming. Did you know that it's faster to make a reversible dress than a faced one? Fact.

The turquoise dress has pink polkadot facings and all the others have baby blue polkadot facings.

The velveteen is beautifully plush and soft so these dresses are perfect for layering over the winter.

This red one is my favourite and I've got it earmarked as a Christmas dress with a cream turtleneck and tights.


  1. Superb work! Did you draft this pattern too?

  2. Love them!! The red will make a perfect Christmas dress.

  3. Beautiful!!! fabby winter dresses.

  4. Lovely!! Does your pile ever get finished though? Mine doesn't..or rather hasn't yet ;)
    Will you stop making things out of material I have though because it makes me feel even more guilty that I bouught fabric to make my baby girl dresses with then used it to make bags and stuff!

  5. Beautiful! I'm with this a pattern of yours?

  6. Thanks everyone!

    @Nic: Fabric stash doesn't really diminish because I *cough* bought more *cough*.

    @Crystal and Virginia: It's a variation of the mini mod dress, cut on the fold(ish) instead of with a box pleat or panel!