Thursday, 20 May 2010


The end is nigh

You might have been wondering where I've been these last couple of days. Manicworld, that's where. On Sunday I roped Friend Sarah into bringing me to IKEA as part of Operation: Save our Collective Lives and we filled up the car with storage and sundry. In the intervening 96 hours I have spent 16 hours sleeping and 78 hours systematically trashing the house, cleaning, assembling furniture, painting, filing paperwork, dragging furniture up and down the hall, making trips to our garage and throwing two tons of stuff into the wheelie bin. And 2 hours eating mermaid cake. The living room is done. Mostly. But enough to show you. I'm going to be Super Big Girl Brave and show you some pictures of it at its (pre-mania) worst though. Not so you can judge me, but so you can give me pats on the back and tell me how awesome I am. Okay, let's go....

The Old pre-mania squalor

The Sunday 2AM

The New Shiny Happy room

old two
The Old Pre-Mania view to the Dark Side

new computer area
The New Storage A-Go-Go view to the other side

new tv area
The New TV Area with Concealed Toddler Detritus

toy storage
The We Loves The Rug view

baby in corner
The Not Even Patrick Swayze Does This Sh*t view

The problem with me is that once I start things they obsess me and I can't relax until they're perfect. But I've done enough of it to make me content for a bit.


  1. ooohhhhh....peddy. Shiny. bright.

    You're making me want to go to IKEA which is very bad of you because it's also payday and I could go for a princess cake.

  2. It looks AMAZING! Seriously. well done. LOVE that rug and all the storage. It looks like a different room. Plus you have co-ordinating curtains and cushions!! Love it. Your comment about putting baby in the corner made me snort with laughter!!

  3. OMG what a transformation, seriously.

    I haven't even taken "proper" pictures of our new home. I fear it is too late -- now it's too lived-in, and there has been major cat fluffing action. Drats. Next new home, perhaps, and must do it way before the cat - and I - get to mess things up.

  4. OooooOooooOooooh! Very impressive. Can you fit a small child in those box shelve things by the TV? Just askin.

  5. Wow, what a transformation. It looks like you are going to be a sewing goddess in your sewing corner. Very nicely done!

  6. That is truely a different room. well done. I know what you mean, I can not sleep without finnishing something

  7. Um Amanda... your pre-mania squalor? It looks better than my place. No there are no pictures to prove it, there never will be any pictures and in four weeks time it won't look the same. Just trust me on this. In four weeks time it won't look like that and just this comment will be left to show the state of our home. I hope anyhow!

  8. It looks so wonderful! Bright, cheerful and peaceful. I bet you will notice a difference in moods, too. There's nothing like some clean, open space to cheer and calm.

    And I laughed out loud at the baby in the corner.

  9. I don't think your house was that bad in tyhe "before" pictures but it looks absolutely amazing in the "after" set! Well done, you!

  10. Well done, i feel really jealous of your tidy colourfull room it is so cheery and bright. Love the Rug:)
    Makes me feel ashamed of my tip.
    i want to go to Ikea now too!

  11. It looks amazing!! Nice work. And - I love IKEA.

  12. absolutely fantastic. ikea does have it's uses... we have 4 (yes 4) sets of expidit shelves. well done putting it up straight away and not letting it sit in boxes. i am well impressed, and love the rug. bridget

  13. Nice work - so organised! How I love ikea, if only we had one near us :o( Those rug and storage systems look super (but no-one puts baby in the corner - made me laugh out loud!) xox

  14. WOAH!

    I mean, WOAHHHHH! That looks incredible!

    Loving the rug immensely. You deserve the cake...

    Bet you've done a lot of standing admiring and sighing with pleasure. x

  15. It looks great! You are hilarious, I love the "baby in the corner" gag - v. funny.

  16. wow it looks great i love the shelving unit with the black fronts and i love all the boxes - i do love boxes so!

  17. WOW! That looks awesome! Can you do mine now :D

  18. It looks amazing - you must never let us into your house again - we'll spoil it!

    Will email you about Sunday.

  19. Just found you...your name drew me so cute! I love your new that polka dot tablecloth is amazing. Your blog is lovely. Will be back.

  20. WWWWooooooowwwwweeeee!!!! Loving it, well done!! xx

  21. WOW!!! Fancy a trip south? I promise the sun is shining and as soon as you have made my lounge tidy, I will let you sit in the sun and eat cake!!
    That is ace. Well done!!!

  22. Wow! What a fantastic transformation! Don't suppose you fancy a trip to Southampton to sort me out too do you?!

  23. That looks wonderful!! Nice to see someone else who works in their sitting room. I used to but now have the spare room .. though may be moving back downstairs when our baby is six months and can go in his sisters room.
    You did a great job!

  24. You crack me up Amanda. There I was being all admiring and thinking 'wow' when I came to the last picture. I'm still laughing!! Must be an age thing...