Sunday, 8 May 2011


If you go out to the woods today....

elephant tunic

It's been a weekend of birthday parties for small people and my machines have had quite a workout keeping up. How nice is it to rustle up clothes for gifts rather than having to go to the shops for pink-centric tat though? Heaps.

elephant tunic waistband

I kept this tunic a pink-free zone after seeing the mum's lament on FB about her daughter's (self-chosen) Disney Princess dress for her actual birthday. She is a children's clothes maker too, and I share that special frustration of one that makes clothes for our kids only to find they want to dress in store bought clothes. Often ridiculous ones. I'm steeling myself for battle this week as it's Maia's birthday party on Saturday and I'm making something that is not a dress. Will she forgive me?


  1. Omg that dress is too cute, i got that fabric for my sons quilts and i never thought of using it for girls clothes. You have changed my mind so much i want to get stitching!! xxx

  2. I love that dress, it's gorgeous!

  3. Loving the elephants!
    I have made munchkin a skirt for her birthday, as if I ask her what she wants to wear in the morning she always wants a skirt. It is pink as well. I have failed as a renegade mum :(

  4. If it's a crown then you might be ok. Otherwise, hmmm.... four-year olds can be so particular.

    Love the dress. So girly without being pink.

  5. I love that dress! I would love if Lou got one instead of another piece of plastic rubbish. Good luck with Maia and the birthday present. Lucy has a very lucky friend who gets all of the things I make her that she decides she doesn't fact now I have given up making for Lou and just give straight to the friend ;)

  6. That is really cute! I have been doing clothes as gifts lately, too. The last dress was a bit of a train wreck, so I gave another gift as well. Guess they liked it since she wore it for Easter LOL!

    My girl's birthday is this week, too, and she wanted a princess dress. Not from the store, but from Mama. It's yellow satin, and was a pain to sew up, but the look on her face when I had her try it on was worth it. :)