Monday, 2 May 2011


Breaking News: Swish camera has 'Beach' mode. So we go to the Beach.


  1. Brilliant! More camera mode related posts please. I'm hoping it has a Mountain mode and maybe a Disco mode.

  2. Beautiful pictures! Your family looks so joyful. I would be honored if you would consider entering one of them in my Spring Has Sprung photo contest. You can find details here:

    ps-- I hate spam and you can totally delete this if you want to, but your children are too darling not to tell you about this.

  3. So, I'm pretty darn close to the Equator and all it's delicious heatedness but I just can't comprehend that there are places where, in May, you would be wearing sweats and vests and jackets.

    I have a feeling kilt wearing in Scotland isn't the year round sport my imagination demands it to be.

  4. You are simply determined to force me to buy a new camera.

    Too darling and clearly having a wonderful time.

  5. wow look at that blue sky! i wondered where the sun had disappeared off to!

  6. My favourite ever photo is one I took of my man and boys on Portobello beach one sunny blue sky day.
    There's something about Scottish beaches, isn't there? Gorgeous kids, gorgeous photos.