Sunday, 1 May 2011


Final dress wasn't final. It was Penultimate.

dress front
Steven said: Look benign.

I totally tricked you guys. Final dress from last week wasn't final at all. We had another wedding yesterday and I made another dress to celebrate the busiest my social life had been in eight years. I made the dress in the morning and finished two hours before we needed to leave. This isn't advisable.

dress back
Yes: fitting issues. No: don't care.

I made a deep V to the back bodice, and moved the zipper round from the side to the back. And exposed the zipper (yes, Crafterhours, it is a thing). The zipper was very nearly long enough to zip the whole thing through.

johns wedding 019
New camera isn't sure what to do with my fake tan.

Steven looked so handsome tourists took pictures with him. True story.

johns wedding 044
Not a tourist. That's me.

And we got a night out without small people cramping our style.


  1. So, you look amazing. I think you've sewn more dresses in the last week then I did in the last 3 months. Wow. And they were all awesome. More wow.

  2. What Kat said. This is my favorite. And not only my favorite one that you've made, but my favorite dress I've seen in a long time! Of course, you know how I feel about the exposed zipper :) I'm now determined to replace the bodice length one I just installed for a full-length version.

    Well done you.

  3. Love it, love it, love it. I adore the exposed zip. Whit woo at you both!

  4. You look brilliant! Gorgeous. :D

  5. You and gorgeous. And insane. But I love the dress!

    And I'm laughing at the idea of tourists stopping to take pictures. "Look! A handsome man! In a kilt! It's so authentic, Marge, let's get a picture." :)

  6. I love it! you look gorgeous! spectacular!

  7. My favourite one yet although you are clearly insane!! Hurrah for the child free night out too. Hope you had a large drink or 3!!

  8. Definately best yet, I am dotty about it...

  9. B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!! Are you going to be selling this pattern. I'm going to a wedding in August and this would be perfect :D

    Emma x

  10. Love it! The fabric and the exposed zipper looks great! Can't believe you made it in a day Whew that's some fast sewing.

  11. I have been lurking these past few weeks...and LOVING all of the dresses you've made...but this one really takes the cake... the exposed zip is awesome...great job!

  12. Gorgeous! Love the fabric, looks absolutely lovely on you :)

    It's rare to find a man who doesn't look well in a kilt. If only there were an outfit that does that for women!


  13. Yowza, LOVE the giant polka dots! FANTASTIC dress - you make a very hot couple....uh, can I get a picture?

  14. That's great, especially the zip!

  15. Love the exposed zipper, next time use a longer separating one! Love the polka dots too. Wish I had your waist.