Friday, 14 October 2011


The mini, *mini*, MINI mod dress

minimod dress full

When in Belfast I bought a dozen long sleeve t-shirts in different colours for layering; this stripey one is my favourite. However, the t-shirts are too tight to me to feel comfortable wearing them by themselves. Ergo, I decided I needed some jumper dresses.

minimod dress pockets

The mod vibe is strong right now, so I made the cut drop-waisted with double top-stitched centre seams. The pocket flaps are decorative rather than functional. I used a brushed-back french terry for a bit of stability. It's nearly impossible to photograph detail on full black, but you might be able to see it if you squint hard enough. No squinting is required to see that it is far too short for a respectable lady of my age.

minimod dress

All this Amanda-centred-sewing was precipitated by an invitation to socialise with Friend Sarah and some of her police pals tomorrow night, and having nothing to wear. Chances that I would get arrested for indecent exposure? Considerable.


  1. It passes the "below your fingertips" rule, so if it's safe for a high school, it's definatly safe for girls night. Plus your hubby will love it when those legs come back home to him!

  2. Very cute!

    And pshaw at too short. You have lovely legs, the neckline is demure and the tights and boots take it from being remotely slutty, so you are absolutely fine.

    Have fun!

  3. Very cute! As usual you look lovely.
    I LOVE the tights, reminds me i have a pair that same colour....Now where did i store them away? hmmmm.

  4. I want one!! I wear that kind of top/dress to work...if you wear it with leggings, it's all ok ;)

  5. I love it!! And what age?? With those legs, they'll welcome you to high school for sure. ;)

  6. Love, *love* LOVE it! You look great and I want one.

  7. It's only indecent if you're planning on going bare legged, teal opaque tights are the height of modesty! It looks great, have a nice night out x

  8. Did you use a pattern for this? It's great!