Thursday, 27 September 2012


Last of the Famous International Jerseys

The final order of fabrics I've be awaiting arrived yesterday and is now listed in the shop. There probably won't be any more new arrivals for a bit, I've run out of shelving space! First up is En Route:
en route 1

It's a busy city scene with all types of people enjoying *all* modes of transportation- bike riding, walking, driving cars, ice cream vans, ambulances, and more. Buildings, trees, roads, lakes, lots of flora and fauna, even a grumpy road-crosser, which is of course my favourite bit:

en route 3

It's a riot of bright rainbow colours on a bright white background. The fabric is a GOTS-certified organic blend of 95% organic cotton with 5% elastane in a width of 160cm. Like the rest of Lillestoff's offerings, it feels gorgeously smooth and soft and it's really easy to sew.

owls full

Next up is Owls. This lovely fabric features rows of small multi-coloured owls on a bright petrol blue background. The owls' primary and accent colours are fuchsia, white, deep brown, yellow, and light olive green.  Those of you who loved Appletree, which was sadly sold out and has not (yet?) been reprinted, will be pleased to know that the colours on this one are identical.

little red

There is good news, however, in Sold-Out-Fabric-Tales-of-Woe: I do now have more Little Red Riding Hood.

One final word on fabric, the Vikings are selling fast.  In an unexpected  turn of events, Denmark has found out that I have it and spent the weekend stocking up. 

Viking Collage

Non-sewers, no fretting.  If it's the Viking clothes you're after, they're now available too.


  1. Gah. I has no monies. And if I sold the kids to pay for the fabric then I wouldn't have anyone to sew for...

  2. Is your en route really by the METRE? If so, it's incredibly cheap! (quick change it!)