Friday, 7 September 2012


The Anniversario Top

anniversary top dart

It was our six year wedding anniversary yesterday and Steven and my first 'date' night since July.  Being such a heady, thrilling occasion I decided it was high time than I sewed something for myself.  I've been thinking a lot about Sunni's new blog series on an 'Everyday Wardrobe'.  The challenge is to sew things that you might wear all the time, functional items that fit in with your normal attire.   Seeing as the majority of me-mades are special occasion dresses (worn once) or casual dresses (only worn in cold winter or high summer), it was time to make something that I could throw on with my everyday jeans.

anniversary top front

Sometime within the last year I got struck with skinny jean fever.  I currently have blue, black, turquoise, red, jade, royal blue, and purple.  And polka-dot.  But precisely zero tops that I'm happy to wear with them; I don't want to wear tight tops with tight bottoms, and my tunic length things are generally too a-line.  So I returned to the pattern that I drafted for the Green Eyed Monster top to make a simple shell top.  The fabric is of mysterious content but fairly evil slinky and satiny.  It's not quite as clingy or wavy in real life, it was so windy when I was getting photographed and that blew it in under bust.  It has Dolman sleeves, scooped neckline, side-bust darts (which I moved a bit from the last one) and binding along the hem edges for a tiny bit more length.  But my favourite bit?

anniversary top vent

The vents!  I love how it gives you a bit more ease around the hips and also allows for a longer back so you can sit down without paranoia.


  1. It is lovely. I too have been meaning to make myself some tops, and I even have a pair of pink skinny jeans which are difficult to find tops to go with.

    I must try and make myself some tops.

    And I like the vents too.

  2. The top looks great! I love the vent and longer back.

  3. Gorgeous top, it looks perfect in that fabric.

  4. Very nice! And a great idea. The things you've made for yourself have fit so well and been so flattering. How lovely to have some everyday things like that.

  5. Looks great, love the slinkyness. Cation Designs is doing a similar 'sew things you wear most often' project, I am currently making her dolman top:

    1. Oh, cool! I actually started following her blog this week, but missed this post. Let me know how you get on, looks like a good everyday top.

  6. WOW .. I am not the sew er in the house my husband is . I will have to get him making me clothes again.

  7. Ooh nice! Love the silky slink!

    I got hit by skinny jean fever this year too, and have just started doing everyday sewing of t-shirts to go with them. Basically, mine are just like yours except less good :-) I've been using the grainline scout pattern with added vents (great minds think alike?!).

    Unlike you, though, I am a total dork about choosing fabric. So far I've been picking things out of my stash thinking it'll look cool, and then realising afterwards, in front of the mirror with a finished garment, why I was wrong. Still, I've got the pattern pretty much nailed now so it's only a matter of time till I get a hit...

    Sunni at A Fashionable Stitch is doing an 'everyday wardrobe' series at the moment as well, by the way. PLUS I just found Cation designs too and am planning a dolman top. Weird blogland serendipity - is it actually impossible to have a sewing thought without several people in other countries having it too at the same time?

  8. Ease around the hips... that's my kind of top =)

  9. This is a great top! Any chance you want to share a tutorial??? :D