Monday, 24 June 2013


Capacious Be-Pocketed Changing Bag: Keep It in the Family Edition

changing bag front

My sister-in-law's sister is (over)due her first baby and I was commissioned to make her a changing bag.  I used the same pattern that I drafted for my original Capacious Be-Pocketed Changing Bag, but I made it even more capacious and be-pocketed.  Many apologies to Clare, the recipient of bag 1.0.  Your bag is still great.

changing bag side pockets

To the side we have two lined pockets that are gathered at the bottom and elasticated at the top, good for holding bottles or wallets snug and accessible.  The side panels of version 2.0 are trapezoidal in nature rather than the rectangles of version 1.0- I tapered it to the width of the strap so it would hang better.  The strap is cross-body length, made of self-fabric but with a webbing strap inside for stability.  Speaking of stability, almost every piece is interfaced and some of the more important pieces are interlined with sturdy canvas as well.  I'm lucky that my machine is such a workhorse with all those layers.

changing bag front pockets 2

Underneath the messenger flap are two front pockets that are lined with green linen. I made the linen piece slightly taller so that it acts like a faux trim.

changing bag back zippered pocket

And to the back a large zippered welt pocket.  The zipper was thrifted from one of Steven's old sweatshirts as, for reasons I can't explain, I've never bought a metal zip.  I must rectify this travesty immediately.

changing bag inside pockets

Inside, there are two more full width pockets to the front lining, and two more full width side pockets (this time without elastication).  Good for keeping nappy, wipes, phone, keys, etc separate and easily findable.

changing bag inside zippered pocket

And just for extra snazzy there's an internal zippered patch pocket that I edged with the external fabric.  No particular reason for doing it this way except it looks fancy.


  1. ooh this is a beaut! great for hiding and stashing all the junk I mean necessities of small children.

  2. Looks great! I love it! Very functional :)