Sunday, 27 October 2013


Lemon Dot Legs

lemon dots ensemble

Of all ye olde retired paper patterns, the one I'm asked if I'm going to resurrect the most is my yoga leggings pattern.  Previously available in 18m to 4T, I pulled the pattern this week and graded it alllllllll the way up and down.

lemon dots yoga legs close

And then made up these crazy legs.

lemon dots yoga leggings full

If double denim is a Canadian Tuxedo, what would this get-up be called?  A Scandinavian sweatsuit?  I'll certainly never lose her in a crowd.

lemon dots abs

If you need me, I'll be working on my abs.


  1. Haha I decided this past summer to start dressing my kids in neon when I took them to public places....maybe that could work after all!

  2. Do you listen to Canadian radio online (i.e. "Q") or something? I'd never heard of a Canadian tuxedo being double denim until a Canadian radio interview with Franz Ferdinand last week. Did you listen, or did Franz Ferdinand bring the reference back to Scotland? Ah, such a small world, the internet. From Nicole in Canada!

  3. Canadian Tuxedo may well be the best thing I have heard today.

  4. That's the cutest Scandinavian sweatsuit I've ever seen! ;)
    Those yoga leggings look super super comfy.