Monday, 4 November 2013


The Cat's Pajamas

cat onesie full

My brief for this Halloween was a cat costume so that Maia could play the black cat familiar to her witchy best friend.   I nearly Bimaaed a cat hoodie to wear with black leggings until I discovered a large piece of black polar fleece on the top shelf (and being that my years-old fleece stash is the stash I'm keenest to bash) and decided to make a cat onesie instead.

cat onesie hood

It's got a double layer fleece hood with a drawstring to hug the face should one desire (hugging this face is frankly irresistible) and I split the hood in such a way that I could insert big ol' ears in the seam.

cat onesie full 2

It's got a long front zip, drop crotch (ugh to that term), and slouchy legs so she can wear it comfortably for a good couple of years.  Onesies are for life, not just for Halloween.

cat onesie back

I forgot to put a tail in the back seam but, as you can see, it in no way hinders her ability to strut around like a gd Cat Boss.  


  1. I love it!! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. This is so cool! If I had ridiculous amounts of fleece I might even make one for me.

  3. Is this a pattern you are going to sell?

    1. I had no immediate plans to but if enough people were interested then maybe :)

  4. Amazingly cute. And I second the bleh to the term dropped crotch. Bleh.

  5. I WANT THIS PATTERN!! My daughter needs this.