Wednesday, 22 February 2012


The Recidivist

Guess who's back...

the girl

Unfortunately the two month hiatus from patching has led to her lazy eye weakening again, so it's back on the patches for us. If I understood the doctor correctly (which is never guaranteed), this will go either of two ways. Best case scenario: it will improve and stabilise in a better state. Worst case: it will improve but then decline again after patching is done. Either way, (I believe) these will be the last few months of the regime. If the eye can't remain at the better state without a patch, there's no medical reason to keep patching*. Wish us luck!

*Unless she wears it for the rest of her life. I do not want to be in close proximity to a pubescent , hormonal Maia with a Hello Kitty eyepatch.


  1. I am so with you on the patching front but must be easier than with a two year old? Will they operate on her? Sending lots of good patching vibes from my little pirate to yours xx

  2. She is such a mega cute kid, I remember many years ago a child in my class had a patch and they did operate in the end but her eye was as straight as the other. Fingers crossed all her loevely patches work and no other treatment is needed xxx

  3. Aww - she is such a super kid. Fingers crossed for her.

  4. hope it all goes well. I had a very bad turn in my eye, they never bothered patching it or operating on it, but as I grew older it started to correct it self on it's own, I still have a slight turn but nothing compared to when I was little and with glasses on it's perfectly straight. (I think had it been patched when I was younger it would be absolutely fine now).
    I don't know if this would be any use to you but I read an article a while back on little boy who was using a hand held games console for two hours daily over two weeks and found it dramatic improved the sight in his bad eye, it's something to do with the complexity of the colours on the console which has a profound effect on the eye receptors.