Thursday 6 February 2014


Shades Of Me Series: Blues Edition

Shades of Me Cover

There's a fun series going on right now organised by Welcome To The Mouse House and Petit a Petit and Family encouraging people to sew for themselves.  The twist?  A rainbow spectrum of colours to build your outfit around!  Everyone is welcome to sew-along, there are linky parties on Hayley's and Celina's blogs as well as a Flickr Shades of Me pool, and a HUGE giveaway to boot.  The series kicked off with yellow, followed swiftly by orange and white, but there's a veritable rainbow still outstanding.

Image Map

Each day, there are three bloggers building an outfit around a single colour.   In 'well duh' news, I had blue.

shades of me close

I wasn't sure when I started planning how much license we had to deviate from our pallet so I pulled out the fabric that was the most Blue and Blue and Blue All Over, this swirly stretch cord from ye olde stash.

Shades of Me waistband

See? All the blues.  With some monochrome black, grey and white for good measure.

Shades of Me back

I drafted up some skinny fit trousers, and admittedly some might think I look crazypants in my crazy pants but I love patterned trousers and no one can stop me.

Shades of Me Full 2

I was all set to cut into some plain petrol jersey for a coordinating tunic when I remembered that I had, in fact, made a petrol blue Renfrew a couple of years ago that was a perfect colour match.  There are compelling reasons to have two (or more!) petrol blue tops as it's my favourite colour, but probably not compelling reasons to have two basic petrol tops without any adornments.  With busy trousers, the neutral Renfrew won out.

To celebrate the series, there's an amazing giveaway with a tonne of prizes (including my Lady Skater pattern).  To see what's included, you can click through, or if you like surprises just blithely enter by clicking this: a Rafflecopter giveaway