Thursday 29 September 2011


The 'What is the World Coming To' Cover

echino ipad cover

Although I will sadly shake my head at the injustice of a world where some people have IPad2s when I merely have a regular ol' IPad, I will make them covers if they ask nicely.

echino ipad cover pocket

I'll even put in zippered pockets, a secret layer of neoprene, and a microfleece lining.

Tuesday 27 September 2011


Go forth and snatch

The stack of cut fabric from last week's sneaky peak ended up as.............................


Tunics! These are for Monkey and Bo's shop for their autumn / winter range. And rather lovely they are, if I do say so myself.


They are limited edition, with only one tunic each per size. So if you want one of these incredibly sought after status symbols tunics you better snatch it right up before someone else gets it and starts tormenting you on Twitter with pictures of their cool(er) child and all of a sudden you find yourself writing blog posts about being bullied and your friends rally and then it's war. No one wants that.


That being said, this one is my favourite and probably worth going to war over. Now go forth and snatch here.

Sunday 25 September 2011


The Installation Artist

installation 037

Maia has redecorated her bed. It is terrifying.

installation 042

Modern Art / League of Gentleman / Eighth Wonder of the World/ Texas Chainsaw Massacre fusion.

Saturday 24 September 2011


The Incentivist

birdhouse needle roll unrolled

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Cathy made me a delicious two course meal to reward me for not babysitting her kids. This was not because I am a terrible babysitter and need to be rewarded for staying away from other people's kids; I have read about 100 Babysitter's Club books so I am clearly well-qualified. I was supposed to sit for them and spent the weeking running up to the big day commenting on all of Cathy's foodie pins on Pinterest with 'The babysitter would like this for her starter', 'The babysitter would like this for her main', 'The babysitter would like this for her dessert'. I tell you, guys, being my friend in real life is seriously under-rated.

birdhouse needle roll open

Because she is a better woman / cook / all-around-human than I, Cathy did make me black bean enchiladas and pumpkin biscuits. And when my babysitting credentials were not required due to Gustaf's last-minute illness (not nerves relating to my babysitting skillz, you cynics) she brought my my feast anyway. How awesome is that?

birdhouse needle roll vinyl pocket

Fast-forward to my birthday, Cathy stepped up to the plate to babysit for us so we could go to the concert and resent our humdrum lives because by rights we really should be rockstars. And because she liked the last needle roll I made, I thought she deserved one too.

birdhouse needle roll rolled up

Especially as she actually babysat my kids.

Friday 23 September 2011


Sister Act

anika party frock detail

I was recently commissioned to make two party frocks for sisters, coordinating but not matching. I must be turning over a new leaf because I'm letting people choose fabric I'd rather hoard all for myself.

anika party frock

For the two year old, a Monaluna fox frock that reverses to orange linen.

castle peeps party frock

And for the five year old, a Castle Peeps frock that reverses to fuchsia velveteen.

castle peeps party frock detail

Except for some less-than-a-yard scraps, the last of my Castle Peeps! I am quite sad to say goodbye to another favourite fabric, but there's a gap in my stash that's waiting to be filled...

Thursday 22 September 2011


The prodigal blogger returns

The computer problem was resolved last week, but it took at least 100 hours to build our trust back. I was convinced that no sooner than I announce I'd fixed it, it'd be gone again, so thus I continued radio silence. You will notice I said I fixed it; despite four technician visits from Virgin, they were unable to find the problem. Lucky for me, I have a mantra:

And a phone with internet access. Using my phone, I googled and googled and googled. I did lots of things rational non-desperate people wouldn't do, like change the settings in my computer and the router and my security software and execute command prompts in secretive black screens. I am awaiting news of my honourary degree in computer science, or perhaps an OBE in the Queen's Honour List. So enough of that, I hope I will never have to use my 'Richard Branson personally hates me' tag.

And what have I been doing in abstentia? Heaps. Here's a sneaky peak of something I'm working on right now.

sneaky peak

What have you all been up to?

Friday 9 September 2011


This week the part of Hitler will be played by me

After a year of slow / ineffectual internet connectivity in the evenings and weekends, I finally bit the bullet and upgraded to a package (allegedly) five times faster. The technician installed it on Tuesday morning and roughly an hour later I lost connection. For the last four days I've had the equivalent of someone flicking a switch on and off, allowing me one minute bursts of access for every two minutes without. Nothing is loading properly, with formats all over the place and images completely missing. Obviously I have taken dozens of hilarious pictures, but I can't upload them. Hours and hours and hours have been spent on hold and with the fault desk, with them maintaining there is no problem and me maintaining I have no internet. After threatening to leave, a repairman was finally sent yesterday and although he couldn't figure out what is wrong, at least he could see that it is wrong. Which is a start, but I have no idea when I'll be back online through the actual computer rather than my phone. So I leave you with a (not suitable for work) video that sums up my week, where I play the part of Hitler but with less fascism and no swearing........

Monday 5 September 2011


I'm with the band

Arcade Fire Edinburgh  Castle
Arcade Fire- Edinburgh Castle

It's just as well that there weren't heaps of comments urging me to immediately put The Green-Eyed Monster top into mass production in a single-handed sweat shop operation. I'm going to be too busy now that I'm joining a band. Specifically, this band:

Arcade Fire Edinburgh Castle

Virgin Media was so worried about this development that they took away my internet for three days so I couldn't tell anyone or arrange the logistics.

Arcade Fire Edinburgh Castle

From my detailed observations, the main prerequisite to joining the band is enthusiasm and I can work on that. Take a look at the drummer in the back with his hair in the air. That doesn't look too tricky.

Arcade Fire Edinburgh Castle

The girls wear prom dresses. I can do that; I will pack my epilator.

Arcade Fire Edinburgh Castle

The only potential barrier is lack of musical talent... this totally bad-ass (semi) front woman played the drums, keyboard, accordian, tambourine and sang in key. That's a lot of work, I will take over the tambourine.

NB. Not my video, I was too busy dancing.

Thursday 1 September 2011


The Green Eyed Monster Top

batwing top neck

Shall we just call this week Friend Sarah Week? Yes, she has already been regaled with a make-up pouch but I felt a bit boring making / gifting it so I wanted to make her something else.

batwing top full

The astute amongst you will notice that it is not, in fact, Friend Sarah modelling the top: it's me. I'm lucky that we're pretty much the same size and shape; whether she is lucky if up to debate. You might also notice that my top half is ready for summer, while my bottom half is languishing is Scottish pre-winter. That is because in less than two weeks, Sarah is off on a two week holiday to Italy. My favourite place. No one should be able to go to Italy without me, the injustice of it is maddening. It must be a sign of my increasing maturity that I made her a top under such trying circumstances.

batwing top dart and sleeve

The top is actually a wearable muslin (well, version two of a muslin). Scoop neck, batwing sleeves, and a side bust dart for a tiny bit of shaping. I can't remember the fabric content but there is definitely some evil in it, maybe poly-evil? I made the baby-est of baby hems but had to contend with a lot of slipping and warping. There are side slits and the back is slightly caped so her kidneys don't get a chill. Grandmothers everywhere rejoice.

batwing top hem

My intention in designing this pattern was because I have some gorgeous Liberty silk that I though would suit a top in this shape, being nicely drapey and smooth, but now I'm second-guessing... What say you, internet?

Suggested comments:
  • Yes, have no qualms using your precious hoarded silk to do this.
  • No, have qualms. But use your silk to make (insert good idea).
  • I have a really good technique for seaming evil fabrics and it's (insert good idea).
  • Your ombre hair is bang on trend and I am pinning it.