Thursday 11 February 2010


The Big Bag giveaway

I really can't say too much today other than I want to drop kick this computer right out the window. So while I'm sitting here quietly festering, have another look at The Big Bag:

So why am I talking about the bag again? To celebrate the fact that I finished the tutorial, that it's Thursday, my German religious spammers are back and I have the pleasure of my children's company for the next ten days because of half term, I'm having a giveaway. And it's this very bag you can win. If you haven't read all about it already (and if you're computer isn't an a***hole like mine), you can read a lot more about why it's an awesome bag here.

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment here on this post with a something that made you smile or a link to something you found funny recently. Anything that'll distract me from wanting to stab the computer. I'll post the bag anywhere in the world except Antarctica. Bonus entries are awarded if you blog / twitter / facebook / any other cyber shenanigans but you'll have to come back to this blog post to leave additional comments or I'll lose track of the order they're in! I'll close up comments and random pick a winner on Sunday night.


  1. Well my son's spelling of the word science has had me chuckling for days - siyonss. He is only 5 though.

  2. Mo put some 70s disco classics on for the kids the other day. They danced around the bedroom in their jammies like they were in Pulp Fiction (which they've obviously never seen). Brodie is obviously looking for a career as a stripper because she was shaking her booty like there's no tomorrow.

  3. We introduced Strawberry to Buffy... She loves Spike

  4. I asked a male colleague at work today if he had heard of the term a "catazine", as I was looking at the new Joules one. "No" he replied, "What is it?" Having just flicked through it I said " It is where you can see a model in a short pink tweed skirt and read about Jimmy's sausages" That caused great amusement !!

  5. I was trying to tidy the kitchen with a grumpy Sam clinging onto my leg today so I thought I'd try and involve him. I handed him cutlery and he was putting it in the drawer for me. I wasn't really watching (too busy thinking about my fantastic parenting skills) when I realised he was in fact licking each piece of cutlery before it went in the drawer! I can see the funny side now but didn't at the time as had to rewash everything and the bloody dishwasher has broken along with everything else in my house!

  6. Okay, I just giggled at Sew Scrumptious' comment. Too funny!
    I don't know if you are a FOC on craftster but if you are this is funny:

    If not here was the funniest post on there (from summertimerolls):
    My son started playing with Thomas trains before he could speak thanks to an older cousin. So when he started to talk, he would say train names...So like all children some of the letter sounds go missing when first speaking.

    Thomas= dumb-Azz He would emphasize AZZ
    And Percy -can you guess, yep Pussy

    Well, this went on for like a year, so we got used to hearing him say it and wouldn't even think anything about it. Also, kids get pronouns mixed "pick you up" instead of "pick me up" So one day we were out at a park playing and Ben runs up to me and says, "Where's your pussy....dumb-AZZ?" in his cutest little boy voice with his hands out and shoulders up. Well, the mom next to me was like, "ughhh...what did he say?" I'm pulling trains out of my pockets and started to explain, but she didn't think it was funny. Once I saw she was offended, I started laughing so hard at how it must have really sounded. She looked at me like I was crazy and left.

  7. I sold a large photo album a couple of weeks ago and was very proud of how it looked so took a photo of it.

    As the cover slants down slightly without photos in I put in some socks (clean/odd) to hold it up.

    Photo done, parcel posted, ahhh feeling good.

    2 hours later I gasped with horror, I’d posted out the odd socks inside the album…Tweenies, Star Wars etc!! Nightmare!


    Dottie x

  8. My office moved to an old house on campus that was somewhat poorly renovated. We are forever finding things that need to be fixed.

    Last week I leaned back in my desk chair and looked at the ceiling, noticing a flaw running from wall to wall. Without thinking I announced to my coworkers, "I have a giant crack!"

    I immediately started laughing, because I knew how it sounded. Everyone else laughed too. (So do they think it was funny, or do they suspect that I do in fact have a giant crack?)

  9. German religious spammers. Who ARE these people?!? NO, don't introduce them to me; I really wouldn't want to meet them.

    I am too greedy to pass up on this bag giveaway. Gimme gimme gimme!!!

  10. Have just twittered about it here

  11. This might bring a smile, a student was asked what is a computer stand alone system. Their answer, it doesn't come with a chair!

  12. Two things that have made me laugh over the last couple of days - the man is Dubai who discovered that he'd married a cross eyed bearded lady - only discovered when he lifted the veil to kiss her after they were married. Her mother had been showing him pictures of her far better looking sister all's on the BBC news website.
    Secondly the man who just fell up the stairs...very infantile...but very funny!

  13. My partner works for a local authority and all staff got an email today titled "Panty Service: Missing Refreshment Kits" which made me giggle.

    (fyi, it should apparently have read Pantry Service but the "r"s are missing too!)

  14. Andrew, my eldest, wanted to play some Rage Against The Machine the other day so he searched for 'race agenst the machine' on Spotify. It made me chuckle.

  15. 'k this made us all laugh - while watching Doctor Who {again} someone was snogging David Tennant and i said "Molly would like to snog DT" and Moly said "Mummy would like to snog DT" and my son wistfully said "oh i'd like to snog David Tennant too" :0) oh how we laughed

    erm that sounds crap - i think ou really had to be there :o)

    anyway i need that bag so i'm going to go tweet it!

  16. Oh super bag! Sorry your computer is a is ours.

    My daughter (2.5) made me laugh when asked what her favourite fruit is "erm, a cherry, with icing and a cake underneath". Fair enough.

  17. Posting on behalf of Moxie, who didn't listen to me and commented over there. But had a funny link so she's forgiven :)

  18. Gah, sorry your comp is giving you jip. Have you tried hitting it repeatedly and screaming like a toddler? Worked with mine. Actually, no, it didn't work, but I felt marginally better.

    Funny stuff: Check out this site - I have been stuck on it all afternoon...

    And one more... I was talking to one of the kids (a 6 year old girl) I childmind about rainbows (ah, seems such a pretty and innocent subject, right?) - she said she saw one a while ago, and it seemed to end at her house so she looked around for a pot of gold but all she found was her cat, Ringo. "Maybe he ate it," she surmised. "Maybe," I said. After a pause, she added, "We'll have to kill him and get it out of his stomach then." WOAH kid... A while later we were cooking and were talking about the safety of using sharp knives - as in, kids shouldn't touch them. She replied, "But it's ok if you're going to use them to cut open your cat." WOAH, WOAH, WOAH! I'm quite afraid.

    Oh shizzle, one more. Another kid I look after, a 7 yr old boy, was coming out of school. His friend caught up with him, said slyly, "I saw you playing Star Wars with Lexy today."
    "Yeah? So what?"
    The 2nd kid put his arm around the 1st kid's shoulders in a paternal way and sighed, "Look, you can't play with girls - that's how they fall in love with you."

    I nearly peed.

  19. Aaaand forgot to link to the site. Doofus. Here it is:

    (check out the Thanksgiving Letter - classic)

  20. Made me smile : Jack trying to "woof" like a dog and whistling instead. For a 15 month old I thought that was quite impressive!

  21. Retweeted on twitter!

    something funny... ummm well there is what the Boy's teacher told us... last week while the sub teacher was giving a lesson Boy dissapeared into the toilets. After a bit the teachers realized they hadn't seem him through the whole math exercize. when they asked him what he had been doing he replied "Well it was a really big poo." ... obviously his teachers didn't know what to say to that... and erm neither do I really. *facepalm* I would like to point out the Boy takes after his father.

  22. Hello ... well, you may not find this funny, but it really made me laugh in the middle of a rotten day in the office. I am often saying that I wished I lived next door to the rest of the household so I could be on my own my friend sent me this!

    "The world's shortest fairy tale: Once upon a time, a guy asked a girl: "Will you marry me?". The girl said "No," and she lived happily ever after, went shopping, chilled with friends, always had a clean house, never had to cook, had a wardrobe full of shoes and handbags, stayed skinny, and was never farted on. The End."

  23. something funny- flying home today we sat on the plane, my son is quite loud and the plane small, so lots could hear.

    "is the white"
    me "yes"
    "will it crash?"
    ME "no"
    "are you sure?"
    Me "yes"
    "will it sink?"
    ME "no"
    "are you sure?"
    ME "yes"

    then repeat the crash / sink questions ad nauseum. well i thought it was funny!

  24. another thing that made me laugh. having returned from holiday in india i can now inform you what it says on the kelloggs cornflakes packet.

    "a bowl of Kelloggs cornflakes, as healthy as 2 chapatis!"

    and a sign i saw in calcutta outside a fabric shop said
    " for all your fabric needs
    benares silk

    also available


    it made me snort every time i passed the sign. i think they meant crepe and georgette.