Monday 15 February 2010



The great clothing refashion is continuing. I've put a sweater on my head and now the kids have sleeves on their legs. Steven is streamlining his wardrobe and had four carrier bags of clothes for me to dig through.

For Jamie, a fleece sweatshirt became fleece sweatpants. The arm cuffs became ankle cuffs, the waistband cut off, shortened and resewn to become a waistband again. I like how the embroidery on the upper arm now sits on the upper leg.

For Maia, a zippy top became leggings. The sleeves had stripes sewn down the top of the arm so I cut the sleeves up and gave them the leggings treatment so the stripe would run down the side of the leg. Arm cuffs removed, made smaller and resewn to make leg cuffs. The ribbing at the neck stand of the zippy top was exactly the width I needed to make a waistband.

And I kinda dressed them as twins. I'm enjoying this upcycling more than I expected and it's probably the fastest sewing you can do when you can use existing seams-- both trousers took less than thirty minutes to sew! Any of you veteran upcyclers want to share links of other projects to make?


  1. What? Less than 30minutes altogether?!? Unheard of!

    That buddha belly just made me giggle. Cute! Do your kids ever wonder why their mum is always taking pictures of them, doing the strangest things?

  2. I just turned my maternity bra into two hats for the kids, and my jeans that no longer fit my fat ass were made into throw pillows. SO much fun!

  3. Nice work! They look really comfy too - there's something so nice about already-worn-in clothes.

    Alas I'm unlikely to be able to follow your lead, as my husband is still wearing my old Mega City 4 concert tour sweatshirt from 1989. Yes, out of the house.

  4. oh I need to see Laura's maternity bra hats. please?

  5. Yes, me too...the idea of maternity bra hats is quite...compelling...

  6. I also want to see the maternity bra hats. My mind boggles...

    And Maia and Jamie's pants are too cute! Grand idea!