Sunday, 7 February 2010


The post where I learn to smile with an open mouth, that my children were switched at birth and I might be a lesbian

It is, apparently, Doppelganger Week. If you have been over on Facebook recently, you might have been surprised to see your feed full o' celebrities. Not so. They are just your regular friends who have changed their picture to someone they have been told they look like. Sadly, I couldn't play this game because no one has ever told me I look like someone famous. So unfair. But determined to play, I turned to My Heritage. And this is what they, the sponsors of Doppelganger week, had to say:

Do you know what? As alarming as this is, I should have quit right now. Because being 96% similar to Camilla Belle is no bad thing. But I was curious to try another, more recent picture:

Oh Dear Lord. I guess this is proof that the last two years have not been kind to me.

I blame it on the stress of finding out that my children were probably switched at birth for babies of another ethnicity and / or gender.

And that I might be a lesbian because Steven is the closest thing to Samaire Armstrong that I could find. But you know what? My Heritage is full of rubbish. Because this is Steven's Doppelganger:


  1. Hahaha, no offense to your hubby but I definately see a resemblance! I wouldn't worry, my only celebrity 'lookie likie' is Shirley Bassey! How uncool is that?! Unfortunately, even I can see the resemblance :O(

  2. What a swizz - it obviously bases its decision entirely on your fringe and parting!

    And just who is Rita Levi-Montalcini? Is she just a random old lady they throw in to make you feel bad about yourself?

  3. I nearly ended myself when I saw Steven's facebook update, it's UNCANNY!

  4. @B: Shirley is awesome, that is a very good doppelganger :)

    @Myf: I have no idea! But at least half of my second matches are 50 yrs+ *wail* Expect to see me on 10 Years Younger this season :(

    @Vonnie: I know, huh? Someone told me that 6 years ago and I was astounded by the similarity!

  5. LMAO! I was also of the opinion that I had no lookalike but my 'kind' friend tells me I look like Jill Halfpenny. As I said on Facebook, can't see the likeness myself but never mind.

  6. LOL!!!! Oh, trust your eyes over technology, any time! :D
    I know it is SO mean to say this, but my husband's Doppelganger is Shrek.

  7. omg this killed me... I don't think I have a doppleganger but I will go have a play with a recent photo.