Saturday 13 February 2010


Starry leggings and a mock neck

Another two patterns ready for testing!

I finally used the starry french terry that I've been obsessing about and it's a dream. I wish I'd gotten more, it's so nice and thick and has fabulous stretch recovery.

These leggings don't have cuffs or button cuffs at the ankles like the others I've made because I didn't want to break up the star print. But the big foldover yoga band that I used for the last pair when the sewing machine ate the fabric remains, I really like that it offers extra coverage in the back and it means she'll be able to wear them forever. As you can see in the picture above, when unfolded it goes way up and over the buddha belly.

I've been thinking about more variations to include with the cowl neck top and I've tested three different neck heights: cowl (very tall), turtleneck (to be folded down) and mock neck (the height of a turtleneck but unfolded). This royal blue one is a mock neck and has a kangaroo pocket.

Maybe possibly I'm going to have a boat neck height too (short but stand up) but I still have to test if it would be too wide a neck for little shoulders. Am I travelling down my typical road to overkill or should I just leave well enough alone?


  1. I'd test it if you told me what kind of fabric to buy etc. When I say test, I mean make a hash of but potato potato...

  2. The leggings are fab, can we all have legging this this please, as mine always feel like I have a builders bum going on when I bend over or sit down, thank goodness for short dresses!!

  3. My helpful comment is I can't believe how much Maia looks like you in the last picture.

    And I'd love to test the leggings, but I'm already planning to test the bag and just might be too pathetic to test both in a timely fashion. But am willing to test them! :)

  4. Oooh I'd love to test the leggings pattern too! Papaya has just declared to me that she "hates tights and will only wear leggings from now on!" sigh.....

  5. Can I test pleeeeeeease? Don't mind which pattern, love them both. I think 4 different neck options is a little excessive, but if you're happy to write out 4 different lots of instructions then I can't see why it's a problem. Although I think a boat neck might be a little bit drafty if the neck is wide, and I hate it when you have a gappy neck and unsightly vests / t-shirts peeking through underneath.

  6. Cowl necks aren't really necessary here in Australia, but I'd love to test the Leggings! :)

  7. I adore the leggings. My daughter has rejected tights in the last year and now only wears leggings with her skirts. Bummer because tights are so much cheaper! But duh! Apparently I could just make her some!
    As far as the different neck options on the sweater, I agree with another commenter, if you are willing to write up all of the instructions of all three I wouldn't turn them down for being included in the purchase.

    I would test either of these out if you'd like. I have a tom of purple knit that I bought at Goodwill last week. I also have some fleece on hand that I could use to test the sweater. I have proof of my sewing abilities on my blog here:

  8. my very helpful comment is I've suddenly noticed mia doesn't do the hands thing whilst modeling any more.

  9. I'd love to test the leggings, Their my favourite thing to put on Elise! And I nee to learn to sew.