Tuesday 9 February 2010


You're going to have to trust me

My computer is being an a***hole again. The card reader isn't working so I can't get any of the pictures off my camera to share with you. You will be at least triply disappointed when I tell you that I made myself a hat today and you can't even see it. It doesn't look like this:

It's a beret. It's bigger than this one:

But it doesn't have any Rasta dreads attached:
At least not this one. Maybe the next one.

It probably looks a bit like this one.

Actually... This is pretty much what I look like today. But you're just going to have to trust me.


  1. Are you scaring the children with your bicep length leather gloves?

  2. Absolutely, I trust you. Say, blonde suits you eh? :)

  3. @rgc: The gloves are necessary because that top is so cold!

    @juanita: Blonde definitely suits me, thanks :)