Sunday 21 February 2010


Marimekko and Cloud leggings

In my pursuit to finish my leggings pattern I had to make another two pairs, one with a leg cuff and another with a button cuff. The pattern will includes these two options but also the un-banded hemmed leg that the starry leggings had.

These Marimekko ones have a banded cuff and are size 18m/2T. Although Maia is two, she normally wears 3T to accommodate her largess in the booty department, but these still fit her perfectly as the fabric has such a good stretch recovery. The big print actually makes her legs look so spindly that I'm tempted to make myself a pair. To wear to the circus, or a rave.

And these brown clouds leggings have a button cuff. Unlike the first pair I made, these have a massive big button on the band rather than three tiny ones. And they're a 3T/4T so at the moment they are pretty slouchy at the ankle. Thanks to all the people who volunteered for testing, hopefully they'll be ready to go soon!


  1. Hope you got my email about these!
    Where did you get that stretchy marimekko fabric from? It's fabulous!

  2. Gorgeous! Maia must have the best wardrobe this side of edingburgh (and i live a long way away lol)

  3. Lime green looks great, at least you won't lose her in a crowd!
    Love the fabric. Kx

  4. Gah! Those brown cloud leggings are too much! I want them. For me, not the kids.

  5. Leggings look great..and I even have a piecce of that green fabric in my stash. Just wondering when the pattern will be available to purchase. It is getting cooler here in NZ and I so need to make Finny some tights.