Tuesday 23 February 2010


You are cordially invited to my pity party

This is my daughter on the way to nursery today.

This was my response, in front of other mothers.

This is how I feel because I have a shiny new mysterious near death illness: vertigo.

This is my Facebook fan page, which has now disappeared.

This is my stupid non-functional Raynaud's hand.

This is me in prison because I got a court summons today for not paying a council bill. That I didn't even know about.

Please add your own self-pity to join in the party.


  1. I got made redundant yesterday for the second time in three years.
    I also have Raynaud's to the extend that Bob calls me 'Corpsefoot'
    I think my eldest son is trying to kill me.

    ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, things can only get better? And I'll come visit you in prison (where you'll get uninterrupted sleep!)


  2. At least your employers are not surreptitiously trying to get rid of you... without the common decency to discuss it:(

    And yes, what Vonnie said - you'll get uninterrupted sleep in prison!

  3. Maybe I AM one of the cool girls! I too have Raynaud's. Except my hands turn sickly gray and curl in on themselves (always when I need to go NOW and my pants have some sort of complicated fastener).
    Don't worry, there is a cure for everything that ails you: chocolate frosting.

  4. oh no poor you!

    my son has been ill for weeks, making life very miserable for everybody, and i keep hitting brick walls with my shop that I am trying to open and it feels like it might NEVER happen, and i am becoming whale-like.

    you deserve more pity I think.

  5. I don't even know what Raynauds is!
    SO far today has been ok for me so I'll send my pity to make you feel better.
    All the best people get court summons for council tax though ;) I rang them and sorted it out and it was ok. They would rather you paid something than nothing so tell them what you can afford.

  6. Oh poor you :-( Just to not feel left out, my husband has "nearly" got reynauds. No, wait - he just gets cold hands. Bought him some battery-operated warming gloves recently, they take the biggest batteries in the world so he now has warm hands and very very long arms.

  7. eeek - it's catching! my fanbox has vanished from my blog now.

  8. heavens, what you need is chocolate, kettle chips, some hot chocolate to wash it down and a bubbly bath.
    oh and a virtual hug *hug*

  9. sounds like the kind of day that just needs to end ASAP...get into bed as early as possible with a glass of wine/cup of tea, chocolate or candy of your choice and a good book...let your husband do the kids' bedtime...

    my pity list:
    my sewing students don't seem to feel the need to pay me even remotely on time and I am too much of a confrontation avoiding wimp to press the issue

    I have two teenagers...enough said on that one

    I have a fractured rib from coughing for 4 weeks and even though the cough is gone my rib still hurts like hell

  10. *joins in*

    I am off sick while recovering from a miscarriage
    I am suffering from stress and was before said miscarriage
    I was made redundant today

    So not as bad as prison but today has been spectacularly shit

    *pops party popper at pity party*

  11. Sigh. Well. I have a lump on my breast which I will only get to learn what the deal is, with a mammogram, next month.

  12. Wine. wine helps. Sorry everything is going so wrong today. i hope tomorrow is better.

  13. So sorry about all of this. Hope tomorrow is better. But, hey, you have an awesome ring!

  14. (((HUGS))) Sorry it sucks today!! I found your Fan page though, so it's still around - somewhere. Today started well for us until some sort of cold, wet, white, flaky stuff started falling from the sky. In bloody Texas! WTF! No one here even knows what snow tires are! It's not going to be pretty...

  15. Can I too join the pity party. My mother just got back from 2 weeks in the US on holiday today and has already asked me to buy tbags and tidy up tomorrow! She told me she got the boys things and DH but nothing for me - I asked for fabric. Plus I have to go round at 9in the morning to meet her new oxygen nurse.

    I am sorry about the raynaulds, Gran had it bad I feel for you

  16. Well, don't I feel like a d*ck now after people have mentioned proper sad things happening! There is plenty of pity to go around, I will let go of some I've been hoarding for myself :)

  17. I've got a really bad cold and my other half is away all week which means 24/7 childcare duties AND I'm 40 next month and my eyes keep going funny so have to go to optician so prob need glasses as getting old or have some horrible undiagnosed illness. Can I join the pity party??

  18. i feel alot better now. it has put my complaints into perspective

  19. i feel alot better now. you guys have actual problems. mine will probably pass. my one year old daughter has decided to go through separation anxiety again. and my two year old son , well, is just being two.

  20. Yep ... my bad day really not so bad in light of other people's much worse days! (2hrs spent uncovering daughters bedroom carpet for long enough to hoover .. carpet vanished again about 10 mins later; then afternoon being a 'responsible adult' on nursery trip ... a load of grumbly, cold & wet 3 & 4 yr olds making themselves more grumbly, cold & wet by throwing snowballs at each other!) I have no illnesses to speak of and still have a job (which I dislike, but am grateful for)!

    And I think that may be the longest comment I've ever made on anyone's blog!

  21. I missed this post when it was originally posted as I was suffering from food poisoning. And my brother's new iphone won't let him swear when texting. Instead I keep getting messages like: What the duck? Son of a batch! Bullshot!

    That actually made me laugh out loud even as I preyed for the sweet release of death yesterday. I just picture my big, tough 6'4" brother shouting, "Motherducker!" when upset...

  22. I have Reynauds too (because I'm in the cool club), picking up my new medicine on Tuesday as I'm taking beta blockers for Vasovagal syndrome now which make it about 10 times worse! Oh and my boiler is broken and won't be fixed til Wednesday! Hmm I will smell, if my toes don't explode before then. Hope you're feeling better today!