Monday 1 February 2010


Using calculus to make a hoof

Dear High School Maths teacher

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you that you were totally right. I do use advanced mathematics as an adult. Only yesterday, I used some serious calculations to draft the feet portion of my adult footy pajamas:

And, yes, I emphatically will make you a pair of footy pajamas. But first I was hoping that you could give me the address of Mr Chicester, the physiology teacher? Because while your fantastic mathematics instruction means I am perfectly capable of drafting the feet portion of the pattern, Mr Chichester totally let the side down by not drumming into me that feet are not the same shape as hooves. Rest assured, he won't be getting quite so nice a letter as you.

Best wishes



  1. As a math major I am simply *thrilled* to hear it.

    And I made Rylee and her cousin one of your fleece hats out of the negative of that paw print fabric!

  2. You know what, if you got this finished in 13 days, it would make such a cool valentines present for Steven!! It sure beats sexy underwear any day, I'm sure he will agree ;)

  3. @auntninn: Sounds cute! You should post it somewhere so I can see :)

    @Nic: That's the plan anyway, nee to get mine finished first though...

  4. I so totally couldn't do Calculus. You aren't kidding about making a footy pajamas, and an adult one even! Wow. I guess your major breakthrough letter would be to the Psychiatric practise -- that it WILL be the cure for depression.