Sunday, 31 January 2010


Upcycled t-shirt dress

Back in the day, I was a prolific soccer player and competitive gymnast and collected tournament t-shirts from all over the United States and a couple from when I played in Scandanavia. Consequently, my parents harbour a ginormous plastic crate overspilling with t-shirts ripe for refashioning.

My niece's favourite outfit is an upcycled and silkscreen Courtney Courtney dress bought from Etsy. Unfortunately despite her wearing it 89% of the time, I don't have a picture of it but my sister in law kindly got one for Maia too and this is her wearing it over the summer. It's raglan sleeved, with lots of panels and with exposed serged seams to the outside. I noticed a couple of months ago that Jessica from Happy Together was making a very similar style for her daughter using The Siena Dress pattern from lilblueboo's Etsy shop so I snapped it up when I was at my folks.

I'm more than a little ashamed that I only managed to make a single solitary refashioned dress from my mound of t-shirts. They were all sorted into bundles and I had a dozen ready to cut. And I particularly have no excuse as sewing it up took less an hour. Ah, the lure of sledding...

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