Sunday, 24 January 2010


Dear Bank Manager, I said I wouldn't but I did.

Yes, it does look like I went totally nuts on the fabric front. And I did. But... I bought more variety in smaller quantities than last trip. A couple of those pictured below did not make it in time to travel back with us, but hopefully my Mum will send on soon. If you want to see any specific fabric names, click on the picture to be taken over to Flickr where they are annotated. After looking at them here, and crying gently that I'm so lucky.

Brand new, never had before fabrics:

Let's hear it for the boys:

Semi-outlandish but frankly irresistible:

French terry:

(not pictured: plain coloured organic french terry and organic bamboo)


Home decor weight:

I had them before and now I have them again:

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  1. Fabric porn indeed. You have been busy.

    I have some Thunder Flower in pink and some Care Bears fabric to send you for Brodie related products. Will give you time to recover from your trip first though :)

  2. Ow wow. Porntacular! Did these lovelies all come from the same place?

  3. Thanks guys!

    @Kirsty: Looking forward to it, interested to see Care Bears in particular!

    @Sarah: Mostly from a bunch of different Etsy sellers but the knits are from The Fabric Fairy.

  4. Holy shizzle... I'm going to have to place an order methinks.

  5. Oh my God Amanda, I think I want to come and roll around your fabric closet!

  6. @Kat: I take it you approve other than fact I got no flannel and no oilcloth?

    @Skippedy: Feel free! Do you have a favourite?

    @Vonnie: I'm afraid there is no rolling room in the fabric closet :)

  7. Wow!!!

    love the manga one and the gnomes!

  8. Why!? Why did you do this to me?! I was just getting over my fabric addiction. Oh, well. Relapse can be sweet.

  9. I am in awe of your fabric choices and have a slight touch of fabric envy I think!! I just bought that Alexander Henry 'kids from around the world' fabric with a white background and it is sooooo cute. Will never want to actually use it. Just look and occasionally stroke!

  10. I have french terry envy. I can't find any over here that's that nice. I call it terry towelling, but french terry makes me laugh because I like to imagine it's made by a french man called Terence :)
    p.s. still looking for brushed cotton, but no joy as yet.

  11. yeah-ha - ONE favourite.... tsk.

    I'm a sucker for corduroy so the brown birdie cord would be a contender (plus fairly unisex so if I got a coat for the Moomin it could be passed on to subsequent sproglets of varying gender) or the brown owls. Wow. I'm a brown person evidently. Maybe I should be a bit more adventurous. Brightly coloured lining perhaps?

    Ooh I'm off to browse the shop now... mwahaha.

  12. OH man I just spotted the giraffes too...

  13. Oh! Wow! How lovely is that

  14. I/we/Phoebe neeeeeeds some kind of hooded top in the rainbows French Terry:-) And a summer sundress type affair in the mad one with castles...oh yes.

  15. With the obvious omission of special selection for Kat I am loving it all!