Wednesday, 27 January 2010


Hats off to knitters

I might not have done too much making when we were on our trip, but my mom sure did. Using the colours picked out from The Fairytale Coat, she made this little Minnowknits Twizzletop hat for Maia. It a little bit reminds me of this, but it a totally good way:

So consumed with jealously with his sister's knitted hat, Jamie pestered Grandma until he had a hat all of his own. I can't link to a pattern, because Jamie was so specific about what he wanted that my mom had to combine several patterns. My mom said it was the hardest thing she even make, and 89% of that was probably because Jamie asked her every three minutes for 72 hours if it was done yet. I'm sure it's illegal to be this handsome.

I really have to hand it to you knitters, your patience is saintly. How do you toil away for so long to get your gratification?!


  1. It's not toil, it's the satisfaction of handling yarn and magically turning it into a hat! Can I have that pattern? It's amazing!!!

  2. Totally why I'm rubbish at knitting - everything ended up too tight or with really short arms - I was too good at convincing myself that things were quite long enough. No patience at all. Your mum is a genius - now we know where you get it from!

  3. What is with your family being excessively talented? My mother still has a matinee jacket on needles she started knitting when she was pregnant with me. *fumes of jealousy*

  4. The time consuming part of knitting is precisely why I never finish anything, and also why I HATE IT!!

    The hat's are fantastic!

  5. We are brilliant, aren't we!

    What a lovely hat she's made both Maia and Jamie.

    And the time is totally worth it when you look at something like those pictures!

  6. Wonderful hats, think you should get your mum selling online!

  7. What a fantastic train hat! If you mum would be willing to share the pattern I know that there would be lots of grateful people, myself and my train-mad little boy especially!

    As for how we knitters do it, well, it's just as addictive as any other craft when you get into it!

  8. fantastic hats...

    I'm a sh*t knitter, I can do scarves and things that start out as scarves and might get sewn into something else. and for some strange reason I have started to teach myself to crochet as badly as I taught myself to knit... *sigh* why do I do these things to myself?

  9. so - us knitters are great because knitting takes a long time? The secret is out - kitschycoo says sewing is easy and quick!!!