Thursday, 28 January 2010


You can blame Trinny and Susannah. I do.

Not so long ago, Trinny and Susannah broke into my house, stole my sleep, stomped on my dreams, and if I'd had a cat, they would have killed it. Figuratively, of course. Not literally. They told me that because I have big boobs, I can't wear high and / or complicated necklines. And I've become obsessed with them.

When I was in the States, I found a sweater made of lovely, gave Trinny and Susannah the finger and can now be found wearing it with bad posture. It has a high neck that buttons through all the way from the shoulder and when you unbutton it the neckline flaps down. For weeks now I've been fixated on adapting my cowl neck pattern to have a neck like this, but who wants to make forty five buttonholes in a knit? Not me, that's who. I decided that it would be The Coolest Thing Ever to have a zip through neck instead. Except that I couldn't, despite thinking about it for 312 hours non-stop, figure out how to make it zip all the way from the shoulder. Just the neck. Sigh.

Everyone together now, to the tune of The Grand Old Duke of York...

And when it was up, it was up.
And when it was down, it was down.
And when it was only halfway up, it was neither up nor down.
Obviously, you can tell that this obsession has driven me crazy. I really want to use my starry french terry. Should I?


  1. Absolutely zero useful advice to offer, but I love that top - I've always liked that style.

    T&S say the same about me too, total pain in the ass.

  2. no advice here, as my sewing skills are marginally better than a rock's.

    the top is lovely though!

  3. I hate them with a passion, they told me one thing in a book and the TV programme to what I know I look good in, so I ignored them.... Hmm trying to think if soft velcro could work?

  4. In my experience Gok wees all over Trinny and Susannah from a great height.
    Maybe you could do button loops with bias binding? I'm really hoping you find an alternative to a zip, because I am still frightened of them :D

  5. pickled weasel is right, gok is right - big boobs are good!

  6. I too have big boobs. I paid attention when they said "no turtle necks" and ignore the rest. Stand up straight! It looks lovely:)

  7. For your continued inspiration and ability to knock me to the floor laughing I have awarded you my Sunshine Blog Award.
    See here for information