Friday, 29 January 2010


Stuck in a moment I can't get out of

As nice as it is to have a big break when I'm off at my folks, I struggle so badly to get back into it when I'm home. Despite having 407 nearly finished patterns (including the woman's asymmetrical coat, zippy hoodie, bubble skirt, woman's tunic, raglan coat, wallet, cowl neck tunic and my very first handbag) it's a bummer to get started again. I have a crisis of confidence, I stare at the fabric closet, I stare at my patterns, I take some fabric out, I draw new patterns, I have a crisis of confidence, I take different fabric out, I stare at my patterns, I give my sewing machine the finger. Because when I made these leggings for Maia yesterday, it ate the waist so I had to chop the whole top off and insert a yoga style foldover band instead.

Incidentally, leggings are some of the very first things I ever sewed, and the first pattern I ever drafted myself. Look at tiny Maia sporting a pair two years ago.

I cannot believe I've been sewing for two years now. I wish I could get out of this rut. Any suggestions?


  1. Let me know when you find out how, please!

  2. send me the secret as well when you find out...i've had sailor pants waiting to be cut out on my work table for 3 days...just. can't. motivate.

  3. there is a lot of this christmas/january blues,never mind,february just around the corner....see i'm getting more positive already!

  4. Well, I suggest the best way to get out of the funk is to post a great tutorial on how to make these leggings and dedicate it to me.

    Or is that just my selfishness talking?

  5. Or take an order from me for a hoody top in rainbows French Terry and that might get things moving again...I have money!

  6. Is it because you're thinking about it as 'work'? Maybe forget that it's work and try doing it for the creativity of the whole shebang.
    I never seem to lose my mojo, but then I don't rely on it as a source of income.
    P.s. please could you finish the cowl neck tunic pattern first xxx