Sunday, 11 July 2010


A gene pool full of crazy

We're all off on a mini break to New Hampshire today. I'm not sure I'll survive a single-hotel-room sharing experience with Steven and both of the kids, so I leave you with some of my favourite pics from last week of all the cousins together.

Jamie loves Calvin probably as much as I do

Hands up if you're crazy

'Come to me, you cannot resist...'

Most likely Liam is plotting his next assault

Kung Fu fighting

These two did some serious lunatic bonding (note Isla covering her ears in the background)

Liz braving the kids table, large beer required


  1. ha ha, loving the "hands up if you're crazy" comment. What a bunch of dudes, man.

  2. its true, i never thought how conor & maia are kindred spirits! have fun in NH....


  3. Lmao I like the 'hands up' too. Wow, its a wonder they let you back in the country ;)