Friday, 18 March 2011


Go forth and prosper

At very long last, all of my destash fabrics have been listed in the shop. Helpfully, I am providing you with compelling reasons why you should buy everything:
  • You love yourself, and want Nice Things.
  • You love me, and want me to have Nice Things. Like a coverstitch machine.
  • In a very short while and for Top Secret reasons, I will be registering (voluntarily!) for VAT. This is 2/3 expediency and 1/3 madness. The good news is that my patterns and children's clothes are both zero-rated items and will not incur VAT. The bad news is that fabric will have VAT levied from when I get my registration number.
Here are the mid- to- heavy weight fabrics, comprising canvas, flannel, velveteen, babycord, and cotton sateen:

Because I am limited to 100 items by Big Cartel tricksy and determined to test your mental accuity, the quilter's cotton yardage section is set out in a slightly different manner.

The fabrics are listed in groups based on being in the same range (i.e. there are four fabrics in the Tufted Tweets range), or by theme (like Transportation, Flowers, Novelties, etc). That means that behind every delightful fabric on the main page, there are hidden treasures. Like so:

The retro music theme not only contains the cassette fabric, but also Groovy Guitars and Sugar Guitars.

For added mystique, you have to roll your cursor over the picture to find out what the group is called. Isn't this exciting? Nothing to do with me being unable to tame the CSS/HTML so the product names show. All to do with increasing the thrill.

Anyway, I'm sure you can appreciate this has been a rather long and tedious exercise for me but it's awesome how well things are selling. It was not the best idea in hindsight to upload things piecemeal so I genuinely thank everyone for their patience. Especially Sew Scrumptious, who sat at her computer and bought item after item the second I published them.

Salient points about the sale (including yesterday's thoughts posted both here and on Facebook):

Because of the crazy way I was drip-listing, lots of people have ordered more than once and therefore did not automatically get a shipping discount. Don't worry, I will be refunding any amount over a pound more than Royal Mail's actual charge for your packages. Actually, shipping charges were a bit muddled across the board as I was struggling to think of rules that could apply to so many different weights. Everyone will have their shipping checked against Royal Mail receipts and refunded when over a pound more.

The chaos of listing while receiving orders has resulted in a rather kiss-a** meta spreadsheet but very little time for packaging things up. As it stands I've had more than 100 orders (although 98 are probably from Sew Scrumptious) so it'll take me the weekend to get things cut and ready to ship. Hopefully all the packages will be on their merry way to you on Monday.

I appreciate that the people who buy the fabric do not necessarily overlap with the people who buy the clothes. I have not listed the clothes. Should I?


  1. ha ha. Got a bit obsessed with buying stuff as didn't want to miss out and wasn't sure whether putting it in my basket made it safe or not! Please don't list any clothes as I will go bankrupt!! Good luck sorting out the postage. x

  2. Woo, VAT registered, wow:)

  3. Plus, please sell the rest quickly so that I stop spending money on it!

  4. Oh, it's so fun that you don't know how many US dollars you've spent until you've checked out! (Yes, I could've googled the conversion rate, but where's the fun in that?)

  5. OMG. I can't decide! I can't decide! Too many to choose from...

  6. Whew - I can't tell you how thrilled I was that I managed to get some of the fabrics you listed. I am normally so slow to notice listings that I completely miss the boat on great purchases.

  7. Oooo, have come a bit late to this but sent it all in hope to my mum. She's the one that can sew :).