Thursday, 10 November 2011


Send my prize this way

Despite my incessant whinging and pleading for an oven for approximately two years now, The Fairy Hobmother and I are still friends. Ish. Remember that old Chinese proverb, 'If friend does not have functional oven, other friend who sells ovens provides for her'? That one is under-appreciated. Anyway, he gave me the heads up that they are having a Christmas card competition through their facebook page where you design a card for them and they give me an oven or appliance of your choice. Never one to pass a competition up (except for most other competitions), I set my photoshopping skillz to the test. My original idea was to create a card that said, 'AppliancesOnline, giving bloggers other than Kitschy Coo ovens for (insert: time frame)' but:
  1. I couldn't find how long they'd been in business and therefore giving ovens to other people for. 'Years' was too vague. 'Ages' is a better use of the vernacular but still lacking specificity. Personally, I liked 'far too long' and thought it most accurately reflected the situation but it sounds a bit menacing.
  2. In general, this card lacked universal appeal. Personal appeal, not lacking. Universal appeal, perhaps.
  3. Not Christmassy.
So it was back to the drawing board. How could I combine a 'Happy Christmas' message with my agenda to score an new oven? Here's how:

If you have not watched Mad Men and are not therefore an advertising expert like me, just look at this subtle design. Universal appeal? Check. Everyone looking at this card will be heart-warmed by the combination of Santa, nice people, and appliance wish fulfilment. Clear message? Check. People need appliances and appliancesonline makes it happen. Let me repeat: People need appliances and appliancesonline makes it happen. *cough cough cough*

Disclaimer: The Fairy Hobmother compensated me for my time in posting this. But not with a oven, because this is a cruel world. The competition to design a card / win an appliance is on this page and submissions close tomorrow. If you do submit a card, please don't make it better than mine unless you are planning to send me your prize.