Monday, 2 December 2013


The Amazing Technicolour Paneled Pinafore

dotties paneled pinafore full 

As I got towards the end of the bolt of this Tulipa Dotties I selfishly took it out of the shop and reserved it for me. Yes, it's a bit garish and riotous, and the just-over-a-metre cut mean it's also super mini but I regret nothing.  I think I have tights to match at least half of these colours.  The resident / reluctant photographer didn't notice that there was a random shaft of light coming around the side of the building so there's a weird streak across the dress in all the pictures.

Meh, whatever.  I'm in love with this dress and nothing can taint that.

dotties paneled pinafore back

Not even my roots situation or derp feet.

dotties paneled pinafore close

Testing is going awesome and I'm getting pretty excited about this pattern.  All I need to do is settle on a name.  I like the Little and Lady play on the Skater and would like something similar for this.  Any ideas?


  1. I'm not the creative naming type, but I can't wait for this pattern to be available! I've already used the Lady Skater pattern so many times (even made a Dalek costume for my sister from it!), but this new one has some fun color blocking potential that's irresistible. :-)

  2. Lovely dress, I like this even better than the Skater and can't wait to buy the pattern :)

  3. This looks great. I especially like your binding at the neck. it's perfect!

  4. Oh man. That dress is awesome! Loving it in this fabric.

  5. Love this dress and can't wait for the pattern. The lady skater is amazing, I have now made four (including one pattern hack) so can't wait for this one. Sorry no ideas for the name though.

  6. I'm pretty partial to the name Paneled Pinafore. :) Lady Paneled Pinafore is a bit of a mouthful though... Paneled Pini? Or Bad-A$$ Dress of Awesome. That works too.

  7. The Penny Skater for the ladies
    The Ha'Penny Skater for the girls.

    Pun on Pinafore and this:

  8. Hey Amanda! Do you have any tips for sewing on the clear elastic at the shoulder seams? I used regular elastic on my first few lady skaters, then used clear elastic on my last one. The machine wasn't too happy about the clear stuff, it kept eating the fabric on an angle... may just be my steering skills! I've just bought the penny pattern so looking forward to giving it a whirl :)

    1. Clear elastic can definitely be tricky! I find that using an elastic piece that is longer than the actual shoulder seam is helpful as the machine is less likely to punch it in to the underneath, also a really sharp new needle helps. You could also try sticking a stabiliser under the fabric near the feed dogs, you could use tissue paper but I really like using coffee filters!