Friday 7 March 2014


The Small Fry Skinny (Creeper) Jeans


I'm really excited to partake in Titchy Thread's Small Fry Skinny Jeans Tour today!  Laura is a pattern maestro; jeans are nothing to sniff at and this pattern is not only impeccably drafted but also comprehensively explained.  The finishing cuts no corners and the result is identical better to the best store-bought jeans.

SFSJ interior

Check out that gorgeous interior!  So neat.  This was only my second fly and it went together beautifully.  Although the pattern is challenging, Laura walks you through everything in a very accessible way.  I learned lots of things, from how to flat fell seams (a first time for me) to using topstitching thread (also first time), to how it's possible to burn your hand by putting it under the ironing board while pressing the bejesus out of your pockets.

pocket detail SFSJ

Let's talk about those pockets!  I thought it would be fun to give them a Minecraft Creeper vibe using different squares of green.  I attempted Lino stamping for the first time but it came out a bit patchy and uneven so I ended up painting over the squares.

SFSJ fly

The topstitching thread I used was a light fluoro green to tie in with the green from the pockets.  I even bought a proper jeans button to smash with a hammer (therapeutic with the week I've had).

SFSJ side

I'm in love with all the professional details.

SFSJ full outfit

Neither of my kids will normally countenance wearing woven trousers so I salute Laura for drafting jeans that passed the rigorous comfort / wearability test.  I made a straight 8 with no mods for this beanpole, and the fit is perfect.

There are so many awesome jeans being posted in the tour.  If you want to snag a copy of the pattern, Laura is offering a 20% off discount using the code TOUR20.


  1. The most handsome fellow, in the most handsome trousers!

  2. Awesome, I love the back pockets.

  3. They are awesome! I love the back pockets and the lining fabric. I agree with Sarah - Jamie looks very handsome in them. Thanks for joining the tour today!

  4. My son would love those! He loves mine craft! I love the fit on him too!

  5. I made these for the last KCW for my two year old and they are fab. I'll be using the discount for the pattern as the first pair were made with the free age two and we need to move up a size - thank you!

  6. I've just bought this pattern and have spent the weekend bemoaning the lack of interesting stretch denim. Thank you for reminding me of the power of fabric paint!

  7. Very cool jeans!! Love the creeper factor.

  8. These jeans are all kinds of awesome!