Wednesday, 10 October 2012


KCWC: The Birthday Edition

boombox 1

In 'Time Flies' news, the boy turned seven yesterday.  He was a bit disgruntled that he had to go to school but I told him about how having a birthday in the summer holidays is massively overrated; I never had four separate classes at school sing Happy Birthday to me and have suffered with depression on-and-off ever since.  Okay, those things might not be directly linked but we'll never know.  It can't be a coincidence.

boombox 4

Where has the time gone? It seems like only yesterday he didn't want to make Dope Dope Yo hands in photoshoots*.

boombox 6 

With seven years on this planet successfully completed, you're allowed to be a bit casual about birthdays. (Pictured above: casual attitude).

boombox 5

Can you tell who has started karate this year?  If you need a clue I can post another hundred pictures of him punching and kicking towards the camera.  And looking tough.

boombox 8

Ladies and Gentleman (ie my dad), please prepare yourself for the grand denouement of this post, where I demonstrate with irrefutable proof how time does indeed fly:

Boombox Collage

I present you with three year old Jamie versus seven year old Jamie. At least 75% percent less moon head but otherwise identical.

*Actually, this is the first occurence of Dope Dope Yo hands so it could have been yesterday.


  1. large happy birthdays to him. My lad is 7 too (last april), im struggling to believe my baby is now as tall as my boobs (and yes he does think this is good as he can use them as a pillow!)

  2. Happy Birthday! He looks so cool in that fab top!! My daughter was 7 last week too. Where does the time go??

  3. aaaww, happy birthday jamie. time flies!

  4. Haha! I'd forgotten he used to look like that! He looks more handsome than ever now though, he's gorgeous.

  5. Awww - he's awesome. Happy birthday, Jamie! Love the top (on a non-birthday related note - which pattern did you use? It's a cool top for boys.)

    1. It's my own pattern, Ady, but you can find a good raglan tee pattern in almost every edition of Ottobre!

  6. such a cute photo at the end - he is a handsome boy :)

  7. Happy Birthday Jamie! Calvin was so happy to look at these photos! We are already feeling blue that we will not see you at Christmas.

  8. Love both photos. Chubby sweetheart to handsome boy. Wow! Time does fly. Happy birthday, Jamie.

  9. Happy Birthday Jamie, time flies.

  10. Love this shirts. Suits your boy so well. What a cutie!

  11. Happy belated birthday Jamie! I'm such a rubbish blog follower but this is very good timing. I was just getting some ryvita to munch on and thought of you. Really, I truly was.