Tuesday 2 October 2012


Meanwhile, in Tunictown

MonkeyandBo Collage

Another batch of my limited edition tunics are available at Monkey and Bo. The scooter prints with their hats and scarves are seasonally appropriate as we move directly from summer into winter (or winter into winter if you live in Scotland) and the purple fairground tunic is just about my favourite tunic ever.

Fairground Collage

In fact, I love this fabric so much that the other two colourways are available in mine own shop.  The carousels, they slay me.

Basra Collage

Also, my shop now offers these rather fetching Basra Cityscapes... 

Geek Collage

And Geekiness for Girls, because for far too long these fabrics have only been made into boy-wares and gadget cases.


  1. Curses. Mis-read the comment on colorways to think that the carousel *fabric* was in your shop. It's too adorable. And I love the geeky girl clothes. We have the space invaders as a bubble skirt and it's been through almost two years of wear now. A clear, geeky favorite.

    Love the new clothing!

  2. Gorgeous tunics! You are a marvel!

  3. That circus fabric is my absolute favourite!

  4. The pastel tunics are soo cute. Love this one too http://www.kitschycoo.bigcartel.com/product/summer-forest-organic-tennis-skirt

  5. Best fabrics ever! Love them!! :) Love the retro feel!