Wednesday, 18 December 2013


The Mini Penny Pinafore sewing pattern is go!

Mini Penny Collage 

You've maybe already seen the announcement on other social media outlets that weren't being jerks last night but let's smack it down here for posterity's sake too.  Please, Blogger?  The Mini Penny is also finished and available in my shop!  Let me show you two that I made eons ago and never blogged...

Short Sleeve Mini Penny

I needed to make a short sleeve one for photographic proof that short sleeves were a possibilty so it was lucky that we were going to Spain the next day for some heat.

Short Sleeve Mini Penny backdrop

Prettiest photographic location to date.

Short Sleeve Mini Penny

MOST DIFFICULT TO ACTUALLY PHOTOGRAPH.  Seriously, blinding white hot light.

Mini Penny tunic

Back to darker / colder / more familiar territory (ie our back garden), here's a tunic length version I did in ye olde French terry from the stash.

blue euro Mini Penny

The fabric has around 10% stretch so this pattern is definitely doable in winter-weight knits.

blue euro Mini Penny pockets

Like most of my other Mini Pennys, this one has pockets.  I made the executive decision not to include the pockets in the pattern as with 12 sizes in two lengths each the pattern pieces are very crowded without pocket placement lines but I'll be offering them on the blog in the new year as a free add on.

Mini Penny Testers Collage

And here's a selection of the testers' Mini Pennys!

Penny Pinafore x2

Katie even made a matching Penny and Mini Penny for her and her daughter!  Based on this picture alone, I'm going to have to try this to improve my relationship with Maia. I have never seen two people more delighted to be in each other's company wearing matching clothes.  If mini doppelgangers are your bag too, from now until Christmas Day you can use PENNY at checkout for 20% off two or more patterns.  It's good for any of my patterns, it doesn't specifically have to be the Pennys.  If you have bought two or more patterns since Monday, expect a refund!



  1. Thanks for the coupon code!! I bought them both :) Now to just find some time to sew them up before christmas haha.

  2. Your daughter is a rock star! Love all these mini Pennys.

  3. I love it, and so does my daughter, I am buying it for sure!!! Thanks for the coupon code :)