Friday, 10 January 2014


This just in: Inuit Kids and Whales, Wonderfly, Dotties, and OMG BUNNY GOOD NIGHT

Lillestoff Collage 10.1.14

The first box of fabric of 2014 arrived today and it's a doozy!  We've got from left to right, top to bottom: Bunny Good Night, Wonderfly, Inuit, Inuit Whale, and Frau Holle Dotties*.   So desperate was I to get my hands on Bunny Good Night that I took my laptop down to the library after hours to sit in the car in the dark and freezing cold to use their wifi to submit my order.  I REGRET NOTHING.  It's by the designer of the most popular fabric in the world- Rainbowphant- and despite putting in a larger order than usual, I think it'll go pretty fast. Because I'm using it all for me.  Wonderfly is a large scale retro-style butterfly that would be particularly good for the ladeez, Inuit and Inuit Whales are too adorable by at least half, and Frau Holle Dotties is a great blender as well as being pretty badass on its own.  All of them are uploaded to the shop!

sale collage 10.1.14

It's definitely 2014 now despite the fact I'll write 2013 in all correspondence for at least nine more months and with a new year, we all say 'out with the old, in with the new', amirite?  So I've discounted (by at least 30%!) twenty of my older fabrics in the sale section to make some room in the fabric vault.  Three new suppliers are on deck and I need the space.

Be back soon with a looking back / looking forward post!

*Germans- What does Frau Holle Dots mean?! Google translate makes it 'hollering woman' without the umlaut and 'Hell Woman' with.  Surely, surely not. 


  1. Frau Holle is a woman in a famous fairy-tale. When she is shaking her pillows, it is snowing on the earth.

  2. As Rebecca said, Frau Holle is a fairy-tail by the Grimm brothers. Her English name is Mother Hulda according to wikipedia:

  3. Ooh I want the Inuits! I saw it elsewhere but didn't really want to have to pay postage from abroad... And now i I don't have to! Can't justify buying any fabric quite yet, but when I do it's at the top of my list.

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