Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Krazy for Kat Harlequin Baby Set

Understatement of the year, but I'm crazy for Kat from Sew Chibi. Not only is she super-talented with one of the most innovative sewing styles around (sewing with liquid and candy! sewing with lights! sewing paintings of her dad's!) but she's also one the hands-down sweetest people and someone I'm massively lucky to count as a friend. One month ago, she welcomed her third daughter, Akira, into her gorgeous family and we're having a virtual baby shower today to celebrate.

Krazy for Kat top 1 

I had a really hard time figuring out what to make someone who sets the bar so high.  I knew I couldn't compete with her imagination or daring, and I am but a medium geek to her uber-geek. But I could make a tribute to her in colour!  Kat loves riotous colours as much as I do, so I made the mini-est of Mini Pennys with a harlequin stripe for the from and back middle panels.  I turned the stripes vertically for the the neck and sleeve bands, and omitted the hem for vertical stripe band instead.

The turquoise I used for the side panels and sleeves I chose because it's a close colour-match to my all time favourite of her hair colours!  So pretty.

Krazy for Kat bloomers

And lest the little lady need some coverage for her lower half, I also made some coordinating bloomers by shortening my slouchy bottoms pattern and adding big cuffs.  It's been the longest time since I've sewn anything quite so small.

Krazy for Kat set

That is some next level Rainbow Brite right there.  I hope you like it, Kat, and much love!


  1. oh, it's SO good!!!! all of the colors :)

  2. Amanda!?! You guys are so sneaky!! I don't know HOW you all were able to keep this a secret from me! I'm the thwart-er of all surprises, just ask Jon ;-), so this is such an unbelievable treat!!! I would jumped a baby for this outfit as a kid; no lie!!! I am not used to all sorts of lovey attention, I feel all derp bunny over this! THANK YOU SO DAMN MUCH! i LOVE YOU LADY! XOXOOXOOXO

  3. this is so great! I love the colors and the way you used the stripes!

  4. A fun baby outfit that seems very appropriate for her style. <3 What a nice thing for you all to do!