Sunday, 23 November 2008


Another day, another coat

I went to Ikea last week and got a bunch of fabric for coats. I was meant to get just fabric for my craft fair table coverings, but after an hour on two different buses to get there (and the prospect of the same journey home), I couldn't resist getting some coat fabric too. To punish me for my greediness, that blasted blue Ikea bag rubbed several layers of skin off my shoulder by the time I got home.

I tweaked the amazing technicolour coat pattern to make it double breasted and with a peter pan collar instead of elf hood. I lined it with polar fleece. I read somewhere that women produce a special chemical after giving birth that makes them forget how terrible it is, increasing the likelihood she will at some point have another child and thereby safeguarding the future of the human race... But what does this have to do with my fleece lined coat, I hear you ask? After I line a non-stretch thing with stretch fabric, I produce a chemical that makes me forget what a pain in the a*** it is, thereby safeguarding the perpetuity of hybrid garments. Not to mention how much my sewing machine hated doing buttonholes on the canvas / fleece amalgam, and because it was double breasted I had to do SIX of them. Nevermind, it is awfully cute.

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