Wednesday, 12 November 2008


Blogging for good and not evil

Since I started blogging, I have become officially obsessed with other people's blogs. I like reading what Sharon had for breakfast, or what Jane has made with pine cones, toilet paper and a bit of spittle. I need to know.

The title of this post is a bit misleading, because blogging about the minutiae of your life is not evil, just self-interested. And I'm heaps guilty of that too. So far my blog has featured a cast of four:
  • Me: Starring role
  • Jamie: The understudy (like all understudies, bitter and twisted not to have the starring role)
  • Maia: Supporting role
  • Steven: I don't know... Fagin or something

But there are blogs out there that are altruistic, like 'I made this and I'll tell you how', or 'I know stuff but I'll tell you and then you'll know stuff too' or 'Being a parent isn't all sh*ts and giggles, it's mostly the former and lots of it'. I am a grateful beneficiary of all of those types.

And then there are the super-heroic blogs, where you tell your readers that other people (i.e. not you) are awesome. You don't need to tell people you're awesome, because you so clearly are. One of these wonderful beings recently posted in the forum in Folksy, did anyone want to feature in her blog?

This is their mission statement:

  • Autonomous Artisans:
    The journal that ignores mass made goods in favour of the lovingly hand crafted products made by autonomous artisans of the world.
See? Awesome. I had great fun looking over all her older posts and seeing the great un-sung crafters making amazing stuff under the radar. So, in this spirit *jumps on bandwagon*, every Friday from now on I will pick a showcase of items from Etsy and Folksy to share with you, so I too can be awesome (without telling you). But before that... shameless self-promotion, a screenshot from Autonomous Artisans:

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