Sunday, 9 November 2008


Welcome to the world little puppies

My parents' golden retriever just had her first litter of puppies yesterday, eight of them! Look at how adorable they are! I guess she initially wasn't too interested in the first one (maybe it was because she was busy eating that delicious afterbirth) and it was crying so Mom and Darcey had to give it comfort. It crawled into Mom's armpit (yeah... sounds comforting to me too) for a bit. And then later, it crawled inside Darcey's shirt to snuggle in. The italics are necessary to denote how insanely jealous I am. Can there be anything more awesome than a newborn puppy inside your shirt, having a cuddle?! Yes, yes, I know... I've had two newborn children inside my shirt having a cuddle, but it's just not the same...

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