Sunday, 16 November 2008


Portobello Beach

Seeing that there wasn't gale force winds, torrential rain or sub-freezing temps today, we decided to go on an outing down to the beach. Maia tried out her new Michelin Man coat and looked rather fetching, although I think her range of arm movement was somewhat limited. Jamie really liked getting his wellies wet. Maia really liked getting her wellies wet in principle, but not in reality.

Great fun was had when I made mounds in the sand and Jamie and Maia destroyed them. Then I pretended to be mad and they would laugh at me. I am teaching them valuable lessons on how to destroy others' things and laugh in the face of their disappointment and hurt. They will go far in life.
Then we went to the playground and Jamie uttered those immortal words, 'I need to go poo.' The only place down at the beach with a toilet is the Amusement Arcade, about a 200 yd dash away. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, an Amusement Arcade is like a casino for children, lots of flashing machines offering prizes and sweets. The poo attempt was abortive, but I had to shell out for him to ride the Postman Pat car. Meanwhile, on the playground, Maia had whipped herself into a frenzy about not being able to go on the 15 foot slide by herself. There was an aura of suspicion around Steven as he attempted to extricate her from the playground, perhaps he was kidnapping her?! Heading for the car... 'I need to go poo'. Back to the amusement arcade, wait ten minutes for a fully grown man to use the toilet while Jamie and I eye each other with unease, and then panic. But he made it, so he got to drive Maia in a bus.

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