Friday, 13 March 2009


Folksy Finds Dan Jackson

So it's Friday, you know the drill! I normally feature ten different products by ten different sellers, but this week I'm doing something a bit different... I've been desperate to feature someone for awhile but I haven't been able to fit him into one of my categories (plus I can't narrow down his work into a single favourite!). So this week, I'm turning all of my attention to a single person... step forward Dan Jackson!

As you've probably gathered if you read my blog, I have a bit of an *ahem* unique sense of humour. I like quirky, I like clever, I like subversive... and I love Dan's photography. He does a lot of amazing things with food and little people:

Hands up, I admit the last one is my favourite. I laugh everytime I see it. Sorry, Mom...


  1. I have to agree with you KitchyCoo, the last is my fav as well. I can so see my mum doing that in a few years time - not a force to be reckoned with :)
    So glad you did Dan on his own there are so many fab pics to choose from it would of been hard to just to show one

  2. Really really like Dan's work - bought a set of his cards a few weeks ago, but now I have them, I don't want to use any!!

    Check out his website for one about an overdose, v. funny - but of the one's here, I do like death by chocolate (my selection from the Choc Tasting Club arrived on Wed...) ... yum yum x

  3. Gosh Beady, your mum sounds fierce!

    Treacle, you're a tease ;) I've looked and looked and can't find an overdose picture! No fair!

  4. Oh shucks, I forgot to check, & he's gone & changed his website AGAIN! Well, you can just about make it out in his banner on the main front page:
    it's the 1st photo... maybe he'll drop by here & enlighten us on where to find it again!

  5. Why would the lady in the blue dress object to being called a cutie? And why would that upset your mom?