Sunday, 29 August 2010


Lazing on a Sunday afternoon

When you live in Edinburgh, you either love or hate August. As hosts of the largest cultural festival in the world, half a million visitors converge on Edinburgh to enjoy the thousands of shows, plays, concerts and book-related events. Me? I love it*. For eleven and three quarters months of the year, I have little to show for a social life. But... with a birthday that's always in the last week of the Festival, not only do I have an excuse to go out, I also have things to go to!

Here are clips of some of the comics I've seen this week**. Don't click if you're at work, have lucid children in your vicinity, or if you are my parents.

Carl Barron- He's a very big name in Australia and we saw him last night in a tiny little hall. He was very funny.

David Kay- My favourite comic of all time, I've seen him four times in the last ten years. No one else knows about him except Friend Sarah and my much-missed friend Michelle in Australia.

Daniel Slosser- I'd never heard of him but found out he's been on a pilot show for ITV this week. Adorable. Also, this clip was filmed at The Stand which is where we saw him on Tuesday!

Comment suggestions: your favourite comics / tales of visiting Edinburgh during krayzee August / congrats for getting a life

*Except if I'm using public transport. Or desirous of a seat in a restaurant or pub. Or attempting to buy any thing from any shop. Or trying to walk down the street in a non-irritated state. Then I hate it.

** Not clips from the actual shows because piracy is a crime. Just other clips, from other people, of other shows.


  1. My best friend,, lives in Edinburgh and adores the festival, she's an uber comedy nerd. :) She plays a game called "Try to get down the Royal Mile without being flyered" and usually loses. ;)

  2. Awesome clips - though I had a hard time understanding David Kay's accent and realized this is probably what non-Southern people think when they talk to me. Or maybe if a foreigner is listening to Ron White, one of my favorite comedians. That's why I love reading blogs from other countries - our lives are kind of similar but kind of different in really neat ways. Oh, and congrats on getting out for your birthday!

  3. I lived in Edinburgh for over a decade and alternately loved and hated the festival. That game sounds familiar, Molly, and I don't think it's possible.

    My highlight comedy-wise was arriving bang on time for an Ed Byrne gig and therefore having to sit right in the front row. The audience participation led to him telling me I was as mad as a bag of badgers :proud:

    Also selling Bill Bailey sandwiches (he was fond of brie and apple) and him being a genuinely lovely man in a sea of media tossers.

    Can't say I miss it, though, not being in Edinburgh any longer. Trying to live anything like a normal life in August is impossible and deeply annoying. I have a vivid and highly frustrating memory of trying to walk from Waverly Station to the Grassmarket (to non Edinburgh people, this is really not very far at all) and it taking over an hour. I could happily have killed people that day.

  4. Ooo, I hope this getting a life thing doesn't interfere with your blogging! ;) By the by, do you mind if I steal your comment recap idea? Yours leave me in stitches!