Tuesday, 10 August 2010


If it was my bag I'd fill it with fatigue and bitterness

There is not much sewing going on here. Having the pleasure of the kids' company for 1440 minutes of each day, keeping them occupied and amused and un-injured for 845 of them and having one sleep on my head for another 300 has left me with no time and negative energy. But it's my soon-to-be-sister-in-law's birthday today and ergo I pulled out some fabric and my machine last night to make her a birthday present. This is Jennifer:

Pictured: The Goddess and Maia
Not pictured: mere mortals

If we were all characters on True Blood (as we by rights should be), she'd definitely be supernatural because it's just not normal to be this pretty. Maia would also like her to be her real mum because she is kinder than me. She travels a lot for her job and sleeps in hotels without a child on her head, but I don't begrudge her enough not to make her a travelling bag.

It is very big indeed, perhaps too big because it is Slouchy (note capital S) when not filled.

I lined it with a bright turquoise fabric which I love against the lime green zipper.

It has a flat base so when it is filled with tequila and books and money (as people without children are free to do) it should stand up well. Happy birthday, Jennifer!


  1. Ha ha. She is FAR too pretty. Don't worry it will all go downhill once she has kids and she'll look like the rest of us!! Stop making me snort with laughter. I was drinking tea at the time and it was not a good look. Ix

  2. lovely bag. she clearly doesn't have children!

  3. Please don't post any more pictures of her!.....Unless she has Man size feet?......PLEASE say she has man size feet...at least an 8....I may have gray hair, wrinkles, muffin tops with muffin tops and a living room strewn with Dora the Explora crap...but i have lovely perfectly formed and manicured size 5's.....No more Pictures of any females who are childless, under the age of 30 or look like Eva Longoria thank you!...(Unless they have big feet!)
    x K

  4. once again adopt me! if maia wants her (super pretty woman with powers to make men dribble like a baby) as a mum i'll fill the gap, i also promise not to sleep on your head!

  5. @Kym now I'm depressed - I have the grey hair, wrinkle, muffin top and crap covered living room - AND the man size feet :*(

  6. @ cupotea....Soreee! :-}
    Says a lot about me doesnt it, that i think my best feature are my feet!

    Secretly i envy big feet because it often means the person is taller than me....and at 5' 3'' it dont take much!

    Please, please, please dont tell me your short now as well!.....that would just be bad luck! :-)
    x K

  7. I have been on holiday and I have SO missed the acerbic wit! And the really awful thing is that Maia has a very adoring look on her face mixed with a 'go away now Mother' look. Not good Amanda, not good...