Monday, 22 August 2011


In which I Exercise Restrait

You know how I normally come back from the States with a bajillion new fabrics to torment everyone with? Not so this year, I exercised restraint. Bet you didn't think I had it in me. To be honest, restraint really didn't come into it; I've been alluding to Top Secret Going-Ons in Kitschy Coo Towers for the last six months or so, things are changing soon and bringing back heaps of fabric from the States is not part of the master plan. I did bring back a bit though, restocking my ever-popular geek stash:

And adding to my organics collection. If you can't remember things that happened yesterday (like me), here's the Monaluna Fox print:

And a bit of Monaluna Soar:

A dash of this Birch bicycle print:

And the Monuluna Scooters in Teal that I missed out on last summer:

It looks like I have a thing for blue this year. And the one new-to-me, non-organic fabric? The only grey fabric in my stash!

I really love the whole Sherbet Pips collection, but I admit to being irritated that the scooter prints have kids with winter clothes on as I think that really limits their use. Does anyone else get annoyed by 'seasonal' prints?


  1. wow loving the geek fabrics, especially the pacman one. Can't wait to see what you make with them.

    And well done on the self restraint, i'm off to Ikea and hoping I can excerise some self restraint too in their lovely fabric department...

  2. yes, absolutely, on the seasonal prints. i dont mind blatant holiday- but it bugs me when the details in a print make it less versatile.

  3. I *need* that bicycle print! That is all ;)

  4. Oh I looooove sherbet pips!! I first saw it a few months ago on another blog and the lady had made this amazing quilt. Beautiful.
    I'm Charley from Charley Sews, Ive just had your blog recommended to me :-)

  5. Hee, so the restraint was relative, then? :-)

    Still, well done on not going mad! And I do like that last one.

  6. I love the girls on swings, I really really want some of that fabric!!!

  7. I love the space invaders fabric! I've not seen that before and it's fab.