Thursday, 1 September 2011


The Green Eyed Monster Top

batwing top neck

Shall we just call this week Friend Sarah Week? Yes, she has already been regaled with a make-up pouch but I felt a bit boring making / gifting it so I wanted to make her something else.

batwing top full

The astute amongst you will notice that it is not, in fact, Friend Sarah modelling the top: it's me. I'm lucky that we're pretty much the same size and shape; whether she is lucky if up to debate. You might also notice that my top half is ready for summer, while my bottom half is languishing is Scottish pre-winter. That is because in less than two weeks, Sarah is off on a two week holiday to Italy. My favourite place. No one should be able to go to Italy without me, the injustice of it is maddening. It must be a sign of my increasing maturity that I made her a top under such trying circumstances.

batwing top dart and sleeve

The top is actually a wearable muslin (well, version two of a muslin). Scoop neck, batwing sleeves, and a side bust dart for a tiny bit of shaping. I can't remember the fabric content but there is definitely some evil in it, maybe poly-evil? I made the baby-est of baby hems but had to contend with a lot of slipping and warping. There are side slits and the back is slightly caped so her kidneys don't get a chill. Grandmothers everywhere rejoice.

batwing top hem

My intention in designing this pattern was because I have some gorgeous Liberty silk that I though would suit a top in this shape, being nicely drapey and smooth, but now I'm second-guessing... What say you, internet?

Suggested comments:
  • Yes, have no qualms using your precious hoarded silk to do this.
  • No, have qualms. But use your silk to make (insert good idea).
  • I have a really good technique for seaming evil fabrics and it's (insert good idea).
  • Your ombre hair is bang on trend and I am pinning it.


  1. Is the silk a print? The shape is pretty but if the silk is a solid color it might come out a little blah, almost like a layering shell? If it's a print I think it would be pretty.

  2. You are better than I am. If someone I know is traveling to Italy without me they most certainly will not be getting any sewing goodies from me. Instead I will try to hide in their luggage.

  3. I have heard it said that slippy fabrics are best sewn with a walking foot. I'm about to try it out on some Anna Marie Horner voiles, although if you wanted to try it out on your Liberty silk and report back; my nose will by no means be out of joint!