Friday, 23 September 2011


Sister Act

anika party frock detail

I was recently commissioned to make two party frocks for sisters, coordinating but not matching. I must be turning over a new leaf because I'm letting people choose fabric I'd rather hoard all for myself.

anika party frock

For the two year old, a Monaluna fox frock that reverses to orange linen.

castle peeps party frock

And for the five year old, a Castle Peeps frock that reverses to fuchsia velveteen.

castle peeps party frock detail

Except for some less-than-a-yard scraps, the last of my Castle Peeps! I am quite sad to say goodbye to another favourite fabric, but there's a gap in my stash that's waiting to be filled...


  1. Wow, you are reforming. Those are two super delicious fabrics.

  2. Great fabrics to use, not at all 'sugary'. I know how you feel about using up favourite fabrics! I just love Monaluna full stop!

  3. Fablious!

    I know what you mean about using up much loved things from the stash, but there is someting lovely about seeing them being used and worn and loved by someone else.

  4. What beautiful dresses! I keep telling myself that if I use some fabric, that I can buy more. I just keep buying more, and not using my stash though!