Thursday, 29 September 2011


The 'What is the World Coming To' Cover

echino ipad cover

Although I will sadly shake my head at the injustice of a world where some people have IPad2s when I merely have a regular ol' IPad, I will make them covers if they ask nicely.

echino ipad cover pocket

I'll even put in zippered pockets, a secret layer of neoprene, and a microfleece lining.


  1. This looks amazing!! Great colors you've picked. And I love the little zipper side pocket!

  2. Harumph. The injustice is I don't even have the lowly old iPad version loser.1

    Further injustice is my husband has said iPad and does not share.

    Love the cover. I will be copying it when I finally get the magical iPad.

  3. Loving the funky iPad covers, very pretty! I would love an iPad, but haven't decided whether to actually buy one yet :)