Saturday, 24 September 2011


The Incentivist

birdhouse needle roll unrolled

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Cathy made me a delicious two course meal to reward me for not babysitting her kids. This was not because I am a terrible babysitter and need to be rewarded for staying away from other people's kids; I have read about 100 Babysitter's Club books so I am clearly well-qualified. I was supposed to sit for them and spent the weeking running up to the big day commenting on all of Cathy's foodie pins on Pinterest with 'The babysitter would like this for her starter', 'The babysitter would like this for her main', 'The babysitter would like this for her dessert'. I tell you, guys, being my friend in real life is seriously under-rated.

birdhouse needle roll open

Because she is a better woman / cook / all-around-human than I, Cathy did make me black bean enchiladas and pumpkin biscuits. And when my babysitting credentials were not required due to Gustaf's last-minute illness (not nerves relating to my babysitting skillz, you cynics) she brought my my feast anyway. How awesome is that?

birdhouse needle roll vinyl pocket

Fast-forward to my birthday, Cathy stepped up to the plate to babysit for us so we could go to the concert and resent our humdrum lives because by rights we really should be rockstars. And because she liked the last needle roll I made, I thought she deserved one too.

birdhouse needle roll rolled up

Especially as she actually babysat my kids.


  1. Oh, like I *need* more reasons to be your friend in real life. I could even help you get back online in less than a week when your internet goes bye-bye.

  2. I love making needle rolls - they are so satisfying! The fabric you have used is gorgeous and i love the buttons!x

  3. You should totally make me one of these. I am totally being your friend by a) not being in Scotland b0 empathizing by being an ex-pat as well. c) being so rubbish at sewing I have never screwed up any of your patterns... see that is a good friend.